11 November 2013

Sew All 26: K ||AGAAGG||

Well, who do we have here today?! Why, it's that one girl, you know the one with her glue gun! Kimbo, of course! Except she's not using a glue gun today.  No, she's using her mad sewing skills for our first "K" week project.

And, I'll admit I'm a bit partial to the letter.  I had to initial someone's school paper the other day and they said, "momma, why did you put KK?"  Those are my original initials.  The ones I had for 21 years of my life.  It was also my grade school nickname.  K kicks....
And this adorable dress than any of my kids (well, hopefully not Drummer) would wear in a heartbeat?  Go and see how she made it.  Thanks, Kimbo!!

||To link up your projects, come back Friday!||

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