31 October 2013

Sew All 26: I

I missed the H is for Halloween train, so I've stuck it in I week ;)
This year, at the 4 elementary school-age girls' school, they were allowed to dress up for Halloween, but only as their favorite book character.

Clover adores the Where's Waldo books.  She will lay on her belly with her feet up in the air, staring at each page, discovering all the hidden fun.
I love it, and wish it would last forever, but I know the day will be here all too soon when she will be in to chapter books.
I used an Oliver + S pattern, originally I was going to make a shirt and skirt, but then decided last minute to make her a dress. The hat and leggings were self drafted, measuring Clover's head while she was sleeping. :)

Azure was Olivia.  As in the pig.  She wore a dress I made when Pearl was her age and just added a collar and ears. ;)
Wilma and Olivia make quite the pair!


  1. Love the idea of characters from books! A great job as always!!!

  2. These are absolutely delightful! I always loved creating my own original costume around a book character versus going with something store bought!

  3. Oh, those are so cute and beautifully original. When my daughter was 4 (she's 19 now), I made her a DW costume (does anyone know who DW is? :) As in Arthur, DW, and Baby Kate?) I looked all over town for some pink and white striped knit and found the perfect fabric. That was transformed into leggings and a t shirt; then I did a light pink jumper over the top to coordinate. I EVEN...made a wig out of brown yarn. I thought I was going to kill my sewing machine. While I was in the process of that wig, the needle jammed and bent perpendicularly. I have never seen anything like it before or since. My machine bears the scars, but thankfully, it's still working well to this day!

    Her older brother was Arthur. We didn't have a Baby Kate at the time--she came along a few years later. But what fun times those were. (We have a lot of fun now, too, but it's different!)

    Thank you so much for sharing those and for that inspiration!

  4. What a fun idea to dress as a favorite book character! I love both of your girls' costumes. How fun!

  5. What a great idea having costumes based on books!
    Your girls look great on their costumes. Great work!
    Two years ago I made a Winnie The Witch (do you know does books?) for Teresa and it was great to see her dressed as a witch in the middle of all the princesses...
    Are you not opening an I inspired sewing project board? I have something I would love to share...

  6. Clever, cute and creative as usual. Love you.

  7. Oh I also adore 'Where is Waldo' books. You are so cute Clover ;)


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