14 June 2013

Shorts on the Line!

Hey shortie!  
This post was timed with precision.  All of my kids need shorts, and the plans were to make them each a pair, but 2/6 is almost half, and half rounds up to a whole, right?
But, now that I realize how quickly I can whip these up, we might have a shorts overload from my enthusiasm and assembly line type of production.

Carla and Rachel are hosting the perfectly timed Shorts on the Line, perfect because it seems like shorts never make it through to the next Dill daughter in line.
This also coincided with Dana asking me to test her shorts pattern that is coming out soon!  When the stars align like that, I make star shorts.  And checkerboard, because they're friends.
I couldn't find my 8 stamp for the tag, but I've never drawn my eights properly anyway.  Even my kids tell me I'm not supposed to do 2 circles.  But I do anyway.
These are both from the same pattern, just different options.  They're a nice simple pattern that I will be using all summer long. Olive's has a gathered waist all around, Pearl's is just gathered in the back with a flat front, both options on Dana's pattern.
Divine has already requested a pair like Olive's.  
Most anything that uses bias tape is a friend of mine.
Plus, they matched my nails, which is always fortuitous.
I've also decided that I should always sew in pairs.  They began to offer suggestions of what to do for our photo shoot.
Like the horses.  Of course.  The horses.  And then Pearl thanked me afterward for letting them use them in our shoot.
Then they just got crazy (it's how most things conclude in this house) and we had a little photo bomber who is all about the balls.
Check out what else Carla and Rachel have planned:


  1. That pattern seems awesome! And I love what you made! The checkers with matching nails? Too good! And the photo shoot really made me smile. The horses really showcase the shorts :). Thank you so much for joining in!

  2. Love all the black and white! LOVE it. I just did that same black bias tape detail on the pockets of Owen's shorts too! I thought I was being so original...hahaha. It makes me happy that you thought of it too.

  3. oh my gosh. I love love love all of this! YOu are such a creative genius with everything you do...the whole package. Cute Katy!

    1. I am so excited for this pattern and have been waiting soooo patiently but now that i've seen 2 testers 2 days in a row i am getting really anxious! I may be the first in line!

  4. The whole thing made me smile--black and white, shorts on horses, Drummer on the ball, matching nails, your writing, and of course Olive and Pearl and their antics. Good job!

  5. so wonderful! I love the whole thing! and I am super excited to be in such good company on this fun short sewing adventure!

  6. The shorts look great! And yes, you should always sew things in pairs...the photoshoot is fantastic!:)

  7. Drummer looks like his momma! :)

  8. Those shorts are so fun. And the pictures on the horses!!!

  9. Wow, have they grown! Have a great summer!

  10. nice shorts... Wonderfull pictures!! and sounds like fun too.. what's more to ask from...

  11. Great pictures :) And love the shorts!

  12. Love the shorts! It's finally summer up here in New England and I've been thinking I need to get.on.it. and get some shorts made for my kiddos.

    That's so funny about the way you draw "8". I do the same thing! I had a piano student call me out on it once. She said, "NO SNOWMEN!" I guess that's what they call them at her school? Haha!


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