03 February 2013

Magnolia Manor Minutiae

Ryan has asked me more than once this week why I haven't posted anything new on my blog.
I supposed that's a less than subtle hint that it's been a bit stale here.  Agreed.
I told him I didn't have any fun projects to share.  I did break out the Ginghers yesterday for some gifts.
It reminded me how much I crave creating.  
Or I just get a thrill cutting into fabric?
Either way, it keeps me content and feeds that desire in me to create something more than a |semi| clean environment for this family of mine. 
Meanwhile.  Work is progressing on Magnolia Manor.
They've mostly finished what I deem the "boring" stuff.  
Boring, but important, of course: insulation (who knew that I could love insulation so much? and how much it costs?!), electrical, plumbing, etc.
The plan is to start tiling.  Tomorrow!!  
There are still decisions to be made about fixtures, knobs, and such.
But all the "big" stuff has been decided. Whew. 
The girls have settled into their new schools, with fewer and fewer bumps each day.
I will stop by the house to feed lonely Cocoa (our black bunny, whose sister, Dutch, was suddenly snatched somehow by a wild creature), and I've started a little veggie garden in the back. 
I dream of the day when I send a baby dill (or better yet, myself!) to go fetch some lettuce or herbs for the day's dinner.
We had to leave our giant rosemary bush and it pained me to go to the nursery and buy an itty bitty, scrawny twig of a thing that we could use in its entirety in the cooking of one rosemary flatbread.  But we must all begin somewhere.
Growth.  It is good.  It is sometimes hard.  It takes time, and effort, and nourishment.  And desire.  I believe that last one is so important, for without it, we would be content to be plateaus.  
But it is worth it.
Thank you for tolerating my instagram photos (@nobigdillkaty) until I get back into the routine of blogging instead of choosing grout colors.
There are magnificent moments ahead at Magnolia Manor.


  1. Hi Katy, thanks for finding some time to write at all, among that big work around you.
    I think we all be here, waiting patiently until you can introduce us to your new craft room and its products. ;o)

  2. Love the tile. Love "Hello Wife."

  3. You have a beautiful life. Best wishes as you breathe new life into Magnolia Manner.

  4. Glad things are progressing for you.
    Just this weekend we moved into our new {to us} home after a 4 month renovation! Still some things to finish up and the garages and mudroom won't be poured until spring, but I am patient, right?! ;)

  5. I love your black round tile! We just moved into a new-to-us house a couple of months ago and I feel like I have a million projects I want to do, including new tile floors in the bathrooms. One project at a time... Can't wait to see your house finished! :)


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