25 January 2013

Stamped Jeggings Tutorial

Hey!  Look at me!  I actually did a tutorial! I'm over at It's Always Autumn, participating in her Share the Love series.  This is a super easy project you can do with your kids (or all by yourself.)  I originally intended this as a project for my skinny jeans (I might still!) but Divine had these jeggings she never wore.  So.  We fixed that!  Go over and say hi!

Also, Drummer's Fox leggings are up on Zulily again if you didn't grab some last time they had some.  Go here if you need an invitation. You can send an invitation to your friends to get the $20 bonus credit, too!  I agree that the shipping time is sometimes sporadic and unpredictable, but I love surprises :)
And don't miss the giveaway from yesterday.  $1,000 (YES ONE THOUSAND) Visa giftcard giveaway!


  1. I ordered the fox and owl leggings the last time they were on Zulily and everyone gets a kick out of them. I just love that they keep little Man's socks on!

  2. Really cute tutorial! I think my daughter would love to wear the darling star jeggings! Way to sew AND remodel your house! Very impressed!

  3. I LOVE that you made the stamp from erasers!! I could even do that! :)


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