04 January 2013

The Eve of Christmas

Magical is more cliché than I'd like, but happens to be the perfect adjective, so magical it will be.
I decided to keep it simple since life has given us a few more waves than usual, that we are navigating.
I was planning to make everyone a new Christmas outfit.  Coordinating, of course.  
I just had to let that one sink.
I don't think anyone even really noticed, except that we didn't get a decent photo together.
I stuck to the traditions that flavor our Christmas the flavor I know to be Christmas.  The Danish pastry.  A given.  I even tried another recipe which was not to my liking, so I went back to Julia Child's.  Don't mess with the master.
The pork and sauerkraut that I hated as a little girl are now what I make.
We had no snow except of the plastic variety, and Ryan brought home one of my favorite floral features: Stock.  Azure requested artichokes, Olive requested Brussels sprouts.
Always grateful for those who foot the electric bill to entertain our baby dills.
Even keeping it simple, it really did seem magical.  No grand gifts were given, except those made with the hands and from the heart.
Peace abounded, even if for one night, as we celebrated the birth of our Savior.
Drummer received...
a drum.  
The nightgowns I made for my 5 girlies were done.  Except Clover's seemed a bit too short, so I told Ryan to hold the eggnog, I would be right back, because a ruffle needed to be added on the bottom of hers.
He came in to laugh at the sight of me sewing in my heels and sparkles and I just explained as I ruffled, that this is who he married.  I like the details.  I may not be very good at planning ahead, but the details are important to me.  Then on top of that, I suddenly announced that we needed to do a string maze hunt to lead them to their new nightgowns and sent him on his way with my mammoth spool of string, in and out of the house, around, through and under until it reached... 
the treehouse, which rather looked like it was filled with ghosts :)
This will definitely be a new tradition, the girls might have dubbed it the best part of the night.

They went up in Christmas apparel, 
and came down, ready for Santa's arrival, and with broader smiles and brighter twinkles in their eyes.

Drummer didn't care that there was no new nightwear for him nor even a stocking hung with care by the fireplace.
He has plenty of fuss made over him already, I guess.
And if you think that's it, you forgot that there's Christmas morning, too.


  1. I pulled an extra stocking out of the bin for our Youngest, didn't manage to make her one of her very own this year. She's only turning 9 months, so she didn't mind any more than your sweet Drummer.
    Merry Christmas! I love the girls' nighties :)

  2. Love the nightgowns! What pattern did you use? I've been looking for a good nightgown pattern/tutorial forever and still haven't found one that I like, so I ended up buying the Christmas Eve pajamas. But I really like these and they look simple enough for my novice status at sewing.

  3. What a beautiful family you have! Love the heels and pedal picture! I think it is frame worthy for a craft or sewing room.

  4. Katy--Those nightgowns are so beautiful!!! I wish I had one in my size. What a fun new tradition!!! Happy New Year!!!


  5. I just found your blog and am agog at your talents and lovely family! Those nightgowns are adorable, and I love the hunt for them ... those are memories that will last forever, more than any fancy gift would. I can't wait to have time to peruse the rest of your blog, thank you so much for sharing your life and your work, it definitely brightened this dreary winter day!


    PS I agree with the previous commenter - the heels and pedal picture is an instant classic and should be hung over your machine, lol, or prints offered for sale (hint, hint, I'd buy one ;-)

  6. So cute!! I love the nightgowns! And the spool of string! I was thinking of setting up a treasure hunt for my girls, but a very sick baby boy on Christmas Eve (and the sleepless nights preceding) made me decide that sleeping was a bigger priority. Maybe next year. I love this idea! :-)

  7. I have a stocking just for 1st Christmases...so I have extra time to make the forever stocking.
    Their nightgowns are just gorgeous! I love the fabrics and colorful buttons.
    Where do you get the sizing tags? I need some for the clothes I make my boys!

  8. What sweet nightgowns. Every time I see pics of your 6 kids I think to myself, "how could I NOT have 6 kids"? They are so adorable. And I have to agree with the others about the heels and sewing photo, it's wonderful :).

  9. We do string Christmas morning. They start under the tree and lead us to our present from Santa. We did string for the first time with my 2.5 year old. We also hide our presents and have to find them.

  10. When I got to the pic of the girls in the treehouse, I got tears in my eyes. How absolutely lovely, rather old worldly...kinda sorta...a little Swiss Family Robinson (or something). It certainly struck a chord although, not being musically inclined at all, I couldn't say which one. Thank you so much.

  11. Ditto what Deb said there. And that last pic of Drummer, sitting there just being a boy -- hilarious.

  12. What? You didn't like the sauerkraut? Glad you repented. Love the nightgowns! And all the photos!

  13. I loooove the 5 nightgowns and your chubby little guy making the face as his big sisters hold him. And playing with his drum...so cute.

  14. Oh I love the string hunt, how perfect! My littles are too little to really 'get' a scavenger hunt, I'll have to do a string hunt next time I have something exciting for them to discover.

  15. Making memories they will never forget. You can't purchase that kind of thing.
    Good for you!

  16. treen--I used Butterick 5586, and it is a simple pattern. I ended up lining everything but the sleeves, but if you use a less sheer fabric, you wouldn't need to do that.

    pbrenner-welcome, welcome! :)

  17. Such a beautiful family! The nightgowns are lovely and look fabulous on your sweet girls. Drummer is such a cutie! Great photos! Blessings for a joy-filled 2013!

  18. I'd say your Christmas was very magical indeed.:) Lovely pictures, especially the last one of Drummer. He is more handsome everyday!

  19. Those nightgowns might just be the sweetest things I've ever seen.

  20. so sweet. I love those last photos of the girls...with drummer looking off to the side, playing with something on the ground. haah. Totally.
    You have such a cute family katy.
    And I love that you care about the details. I've definitely noticed that with your sewing. It's inspiring :)

  21. Have to ask, where'd you get the sparkle tights???? Loved all the pics and the kids are beautiful!

  22. Those nightgowns are gorgeous! God Bless;)

  23. Those night gowns are the best! It makes me want one! :) I feel like I'm always asking you questions and you're always so sweet to answer, and now I have one more. I was the one who asked previously about what car you drive because we have five boys and are expecting #6 baby in April. Next dilemma: Our current table seats 6 and our youngest right now is in a highchair even though he should totally be sitting in a regular chair (but there's no room for him at our current table). We need a bigger table and it needs to be round to fit the room it's going in. I noticed you have a round table that seats 8. So my question is, do you know the diameter of your table? And if you could let me know, that would be awesome! If not, no big dill! ;)


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