13 November 2012

I've missed you, dslr

My dslr thinks I have abandoned her.
That fancy new phone with her ease, convenience, slimness waltzed into my life and began snapping shots where she normally would.
Moments more readily captured because miss phone was already there, handy, no fiddling of the ISO or aperture or shutter, just a gentle tap of a finger and the shot was had.
I have missed you, my dslr.  You will forever be my first love.
I promise you.  You will be the ONE when it is of the utmost importance to remember moments from our life.
Like this one.
When Drummer got to use his very practiced chubby hand wave. Over. And over.

getting tired

Or when living with a household of girls is represented unaware on a belt worn to work, standing in front of a classroom full of adults. We all got a giggle out of that one.  

Many family portraits have come through your lens, with many more to follow.  I will always be true to you.
This last shot makes my heart swell with love, pride, joy, and gratitude for this country, for those who honorably and bravely serve to keep it and others safe, and for their families who sacrifice having them home. Thank you.


  1. Katy, you always make me smile. Your children are so beautiful and your outlook on life is too. Thank you for being a bright light to many. :)

  2. Kelli! You are too kind! Thank you so much. You just made my day.

  3. I love this country, my children and my grandchildren. We are blessed. Thank you for sharing.

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  5. when i first saw the belt, i thought - boy those dills are fashion forward, i didn't realize animals on belts were in for dudes (or anyone). i have been seeing animals on sweaters lately, so one never knows. :)

  6. Katy...oh my goodness, cannot stop laughing!!! that sticker on that belt...that is too much!!! I love it. love that you captured it on film too! You are the best.

  7. Beautiful photos Katy, thanks so much for sharing. I love that your town had a Veteran's Day parade! I'm an American living in Australia and there are moment's throughout the year that I miss living in the USA and this would be one of them (it's certainly acknowledged here just no parades).

  8. I love the pic of the whole family--but what is wrong with poor little Clover? She looks so sad! LOL

    And the pic of Drummer reaching for you? How you get ANYTHING done with that snuggly-able boy around, I'll never know!

  9. I am STILL laughing at Ryan's belt. Classic!

  10. The sticker on the belt is great...my dad would totally understand, when we were younger he once went to work with stick-on-earrings on. Since he was the boss people were too afraid to say anything to him (: And what an adorable little boy in the mix!

  11. Fun photos.
    Beautiful girls and boy.
    The puppy sticker made me laugh, too.
    My DSLR feels neglected, too.
    Love you!

  12. i totally, totally agree with you. I've vowed to pick up my camera more this month on our adventures too and not rely on my phone. The outcome is so much better!


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