11 November 2012

Drummer's Foxy Buns

Hey! Those pants Drummer was wearing?
They're on sale at Zulily (thanks, Bobbi!)
Oh, and they've got SO many cute ones.
If you need an invite, go here.
Or, go straight to the shop here.


  1. hey! how do you think they fit? i want to get a pair for my son so bad, but they only go up to 24 months. please help!

  2. Gabrielle-They're pretty stretchy and long. I think if your son is still between 24-36 months they just might fit, but would be wary if he's any older.

  3. I bought a few pairs! Now I'll have to have another baby so I have someone to wear them. They just might be too cute to give away.

  4. I just checked back yay! I got some through a friends coop for 3$ a piece can't wait to put them n my littles bums!!! Oh and I'm the one from Cleveland on Instagram :)


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