04 September 2012

Dove Love

Writing a review for a product I already use regularly seemed a little bit like cheating, but I was still happy to share.  I love Dove products for myself (I use their conditioner and deodorant), but I have children who may or may not have gotten in big trouble for using copious amounts to "make bubbles" and watch them go down the drain, to "clean" their little ponies, and to make the tub slippery to increase the fun factor of slipping back and forth without water.  Therefore, I started buying the ultra-cheap stuff for them to use to their hearts content.  That's probably about the time when Pearl stopped brushing her hair.  Not that it didn't need to be brushed, but it was too much of a chore and painful.  She would bring me the brush and I would try various detangling sprays, different types of brushes and methods to tame the tangles.  I tried to convince her that we should just chop it off, but she's rather attached to her long locks.  
So, when the Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner appeared in the mail, I told Pearl she got to try it first.  She was excited.  Anything to make her life easier makes all our lives easier.  Off she went to take a shower and came out with her hair already brushed, by herself!  I asked her how it went and she said it was a lot easier, "just a few tangles".  The next morning (the real test) her hair was still easily manageable and more easily brushed than anything we've used on her hair before.  And it's soft.  SO soft.
But better than beautiful, soft, tangle-free hair, I have a happy girl who has one less struggle to worry about.  Thank you, Dove.

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  1. with three girls and the oldest is having the same tangle problems maybe I need to try this product out.

  2. Thank you! Both me and my daughter have the same tangle problem. I must give Dove a try. I don't know why I didn't yet since I love their soap. It's the only one I use, since 15 or even 20 years ago. I've tried different ones from time to time, even really expensive ones, and was always disappointed. They just didn't compare.

  3. using a good quality conditioner really makes all the difference in the kids crazy hair. i can use cheap shampoo but i if i dont use a nice conditioner then their hair will be unmanageable. i'll have to give dove a try when i run out of what i am currently using.

  4. I love Dove products too -- use their shower gel (sometimes, I confess, I steal my husband's "Men+Care" by Dove because it smells sooooo good!), deodorant, lotion, etc. I love their Campaign for Real Beauty! But I haven't tried their hair products. I have a daughter I want to try this on -- her hair is gorgeous, but can get wild and needs a serious conditioner. :-)

  5. My lovely boy have gorgeous hair. Wavy,beach hair everyday. The tangles are torture,we'll have to give this product a go.
    mcasinghino(at) gmail (dot)com

  6. You've probably already tried this, but if you plait her hair and leave it in overnight, that should reduce the tangles. I have a daughter who looks like Wurzel Gummidge in the mornings, so my sympathies.
    Dawn xx

  7. Some suggestions from a curly, long haired lady - Ditch the brush, use a wide toothed comb to detangle; separate hair, bringing half over each shoulder, use fingers to do an initial comb through then grasp the hair as if you are holding a bouquet of flowers and use your comb to remove the tangles from the hair coming out of the bottom of your hand, continue up the hair until all of the tangles are gone! I also do as darkislethebooks suggests and I braid my hair every night, it makes it so much easier to comb in the morning. Finally, I too use Dove for my hair care products!

  8. My hair gets sooo static-y in the cold Wisconsin winters that I can't leave it down. I am planning to try Dove now! Hopefully it will work that well for me :)

  9. My hair still hasn't recovered from my pregnancy. It's falling out, dry, brittle, and is so hard to brush - no matter how much/what kind of conditioner I try. Plus, it's so flat and lifeless now :( I hope it gets better someday. At this rate, I'll end up bald!


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