29 August 2012

Better Than Serendipitous

A couple of years ago we decided to stop at the grocery store on a Saturday morning after going to the YMCA.  The girls (Drummer wasn't invented yet!) were in need of some distraction after being cooped up so I told them we'd go and weigh ourselves all together on the giant scale at the grocery store.
We rounded the corner to find a huge throng of blonde hair and really tall people.  They looked at us and we at them until the patriarch of the family asked if the 5 girls were all mine.
I said yes....are these all yours?  All 11???

I didn't actually count them, and one was actually missing, but regardless, I was dumbfounded.
We have since used almost every single one of them as babysitters, including when Drummer was born and when I had to go to the emergency room.
In fact, one night as we were leaving, Ryan joked that Travis (above) could put together the bunk bed while we were gone if he got bored.  
And guess what was assembled upon our return.
We adore this beautiful, happy family of 13 (almost 14--wedding bells!)
my new favorite (super light!) earrings
You might call our meeting serendipitous,
But I think it was more than that, our meeting.
So when people ask how we met,
We love to say "in the grocery store!"
Have you ever met friends somewhere unusual?

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  1. Awww! I love that! I met wonderful friends on public transportation once. These two girls just looked so radiant I had to ask them where they were coming from (a minor league baseball game on their rare "night off" from serving an LDS mission). It turned out we lived in the same apartment complex! My sister and I weren't (and aren't) Chrisitan, but we hosted some "remedial Bible study" events with them and we became really good friends... all because I had the courage to ask why two people looked so happy to be riding a train in the middle of the night!

    That said, I'm really commenting to compliment your second-to-last photo, which is a truly amazing snapshot.

  2. What a loving, lovely family.

  3. Awesome story! And what a beautiful family. Sort of reminds me of my 13 mostly blond siblings. :)

  4. What a gorgeous family! They radiate love and have amazing hair. Blessed in many ways.

  5. 0mg teeth! How cute!

    My sister and I have a reputation for stripes. Well her more than me because I am good at hiding my problem haha. If I got into an op shop I pull out the striped tees first before firmly putting them back. No! You do NOT need ANOTHER black and white striped t shirt. No not even to reconstruct. Stripes are FUN though!

  6. What a GORGEOUS family! This brought tears to my eyes. It is so hard just hearing are all FOUR yours? I can't imagine 13! I love it!

  7. Wow, that awesome! Yes, I met one of our neighbors in Trader Joe's. She had seen me walking in the neighborhood with both the girls when I was pregnant with Caspian and then the next day saw me in TJ's. She came up and said, 'I think we're neighbors'. Turns out our oldest are the same age and are in the same preschool together, our middle children were born three days apart and our little babes were born one week apart. We have become great friends with them ~ SO fun!!

  8. What a sweet family. I made a friend while I was in line at a sewing store. She overheard me talking about my sewing room makeover and she asked if you could come see it. That was 4 years ago!

  9. I love that story! It is somehow so fitting for your wonderful family and theirs to meet up! The very definition of serendipity!

  10. Seven blonde daughters! You know that's a Daddy who's invested in shotguns.

  11. Wow! So sweet. You have some of the best stories (and family member birthday wishes)!

  12. i remember you telling me about them! how fun to see them "live."
    i think it's my dream to meet friends in unlikely places.

  13. I met a good friend in Target one day (at that time, just exchanged a few pleasantries) and then, when she walked into a homeschool group meeting as a new member, we laughed and said didn't we meet at Target?!


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