18 April 2012

I'm Aging

I think I'm getting old.
It was Blues Fest this weekend, so we took a walk down the beach to join the rest of the swimsuit clad crowd for some "good" tunes and amusing sights.
Either my music sense needs to be calibrated, or what was playing really was a mediocre non-blues-y kind of band trying to catch a break.  Best of luck to them, but no thanks for me.
Though we didn't enjoy the sounds, we still enjoyed the sights, and made our way back to the beach where 2 of the baby dills not only dipped toes, but were swallowed by the cool temps this ocean had to offer.
Another no thanks from me.  See?  I am getting old.  I'm waiting for bath temp waters.
But you know my mind, as we watched the frolicking that is the best kind to these girls=water + sand + free time, I began to construct swimsuits.  
All but Clover's showed signs of too much sagging in the back, necklines too low, and a whole lot of stretched-one-too-many-times.
I'm thinking of a whole bevy of coordinated beauties.
We'll see if o1 I get it together enough to accomplish it and 
o2 all the participants are willing.  
Which they usually are.
Hello, Summer.  We're almost ready for you.

If you are ahead of me, check out two of my previous swimsuit tutorials: Big Splash Swimsuit, and Pennies Swimsuit. Oh, and good for you!


  1. Hello Summer--mine enemy. I will not fight you. As you are bound to win. But you will not have my heart this year (well . . maybe by August I will be into you) but for now, no.

    I am steeling myself against your heat. Holding closed, and keeping some cold. You will surely thaw me--but I am not ready to or willingly submitting to your intensitiy.

    Oh mild Winter--why did you go so soon?


  2. Oh my gosh, your pictures make me crave summer!
    I don't know about ageing, but I'm definitely having post 18 depression, it's kind of sad being an adult!

  3. As always, such beautiful pictures. They have such depth and life that I feel I could step into them! I've searched around on your blog to see if you mention the camera you use but can't see anything. Would you mind telling me?! (Although rainy Surrey will never match your scenery, I can dream!) Many thanks, Anita

  4. er.....getting oldER not Old!

    Can't wait to see what summer creations you have in store for us.

    We had a week of ridiculously hot days here. 93 is hot for April in PA. I want Spring for at least a few weeks before the 3H's hit us.

  5. Summer's far from being here. I was actually glad to be able to take a walk with the kids whitout a coat, and that was because I had one of said kids in a carrier on myself.

  6. You know many of us would die to live where you do. We spend a week of our vacation lying on a beach thinking it must be "the life" to live there. It would be lovely for you to share what that life is really like. I'm sure there are things we don't even think about. I would love to hear your perspective!

  7. Still winter in Utah. Come on over, Ryan.

  8. soooo, just wondering: is this a nc or sc beach?? we just moved to asheville, nc from south dakota and i and SO ready for summer and beach vacations. to me this looks like a carolina beach and if it is, do you mind sharing your favorite spots? i am making a list! thanks :)

  9. Madsta-oh, it only gets better, my dear!

    Laura--I like to focus on the positive, but of course, there are drawbacks to any type of climate, right? Like our very short, almost non-existent Springs for one! And the hot hot temps mid summer!

    Mom--he just might take you up on that!

  10. You are a beautiful poet. Loved your first comment. :)

  11. I love your blog, your wit, talent and family. How do I subscribe for emails?


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