07 March 2012

Weekend Adventures Part II

Beware another photo bomb.
Remember, Lucy, my niece who was shark bait (which is what they lovingly call her) last summer?
Remember how she said she likes dolphins way better?
Well there are some lovely folks out there who flew the entire family to Sea World and treated her to a swim with the dolphins.  I love to hear of goodness in the world, that people still care about other people and treat them with tenderness.  That's one of the reasons I continue to keep this blog.  I love to hear your accounts, comments, and emails.  I love to connect over parallel stories, both of woe and wonder. I've been inspired by so many of you.  

So, they all went for a swim with the dolphins and had breakfast with some familiar characters of the Disney sort.  We were able to meet up with them for mere minutes, but they were saturated and vibrant ones. 

 Clover was attacked by ants mid-photo op.
We picnicked, the kids played, and the adults conversed. You should have seen them.
And that Lucy girl, what a sight to see her running around with her cousins,
on that once so fragile limb.
The body is an amazing thing.

And so are families, all 14 bodies mingled and crossing over from one family to another.

I asked Seth if his cousins were torturing him.
No, he said as they sat on top of him, pulling limbs and poking ribs.

do you recognize that little skirt?
After we sent them on their way, we went for more food, because that's what we do, despite my efforts of preventing any more growth.  It's almost as if they get bigger between each click of the camera.

Why are restaurants where you cook your own food the most fun?  Isn't the point of going out to eat not having to cook?  Ah. Well.
I do enjoy a waitstaff who will entertain our children.
A game of Simon Says,
and matching attire,
and we headed home.
Thanks for scrolling.
You rock.


  1. Several Someones have been to Deleon Springs! What a neat place!

  2. Love this post! So glad for Lucy.

  3. People are wonderful aren't they? So glad your niece is doing so well. Beautiful words and pictures in your post, and I love that you and your sister/SIL have similar taste in sunglasses! :)

  4. It is amazing to see sweet Lucy, her resilient family, and all of you together. Miracles still happen. And you rock.

  5. I love that the scenery is as much a part of your "story" as the children and I want to remember to take more pictures of WHERE we were and not just who we were with:)

  6. I am so happy to get a good report on Lucy!

    Drummer is looking as adorable as ever.

  7. Have I told you how much I love your blog, Katy Dill?!!! I love the real life: ants, chocolate kisses, knees and freckles. I love the musings as well as the amazing (and sometimes random) photos of life. I love your love for your husband and baby Dills. I love your zest for life in all of its big and small moments. So thanks. Very much. :) C

  8. I love reading what you have been up to with your beautiful family. I am so glad to hear that your niece has recovered and is well. :)

  9. How wonderful to spend time with family. And how wonderful for Lucy to be able to swim with dolphins. I have actually never been to restaurant where you cook your own food. I'm intrigued.

    Love your blog.

  10. I admire Lucy's strenght! Nice photographs!

  11. Wendy-that's my sister just older than I--it's unnerving how similar our tastes are, even miles apart.

    chris-no, YOU rock.

    Caren-why thank you, thank you! you just made my morning :)

    Jenny, you've never done Fondu? That's one of my children's favorites as well :)

  12. Thanks for sharing. YOU rock! I absolutely love your photo filled photos, they brighten up my day.

  13. love this post!!!!!!! you rock!

  14. Too funny. We were thinking of heading to that restaurant and state park this weekend. Was it worth it? Making the pancakes at the table, right?

  15. The point of going out to eat is not that you don't cook, it's that you don't clean up!! Great photos. Make me look forward to Summer!

  16. want to trade place for a little while?

  17. what a fun post! I rock!? Thank-you-very-much for the kind words. Your family is beautiful.

  18. Thanks for sharing the Mangum Dill get together. Glad your 14 made it happen. See you next week in Utah!

  19. no, no, no... you got that one wrong. The point of going out to eat isn't not having to cook.
    Is not having dirty dishes!!!!!!!!!
    (well, at least for me. I hate doing dishes)

    hugs from Brazil!

  20. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos so often and willingly. I always enjoy them. So glad to hear that Lucy is doing well! Such fab photos of the entire group together!
    It's true - my boys LOVE the restaurants where you get to do the cooking - maybe I have a couple of chefs on my hands - I would be OK with that, lol!
    Loving your b&w photos especially!
    Thanks again for sharing!
    p.s. You rock too :)

  21. a restaurant where you cook your own food? hmm, i'm intrigued. Lovely photos - I hope my kids get together with their sibs & their kids like that some day (I was an only - so it is so amazing to me that others do it!)

  22. Lovely photos as usual- almost feel as if I were in sunny FL with you rather than chilly IL:) almost. How on earth did you make that intricate necklace? Btw, your photo mail made my week- thanks:)

  23. That's the reason I keep blogging too... And I always enjoy scrolling through your blog: your photo's are amazing! (any pointers on photography are more than welcome ;-) )

    kind regards,
    Sacha (zolderwerk.les-bastides.nl)

  24. thanks for sharing your family with me. i do love watching them grow and their cousins too. glad Lucy (aka, shark bait) is doing so well. and that drummer, oh so cute.. :>)

  25. Thanks for sharing.
    YOU rock.
    It's why we're here!

  26. YOU don't have to cook if you bring kids with you to that restaurant! They think its fun and when they make a mess, YOU don't have to clean it up. You eat the pancakes and you leave all the mess to someone else :)

  27. We are headed to FL this summer to visit my family...I would love to check out that restaurant while we are there! Mind sharing the name?

  28. What beautiful sisters with such beautiful families! your pictures were gorgeous as usual! xo


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