10 March 2012

Saturday Sale: Dot and Army

Something fun for you today!  Have you noticed my delightful sponsors over there on the right?  I don't just stick anyone up there, I make sure I have sponsors I can stand behind.  I'm picky like that ;)  They each have some amazing items for sale.
These lovely goodies came from Dot & Army, an etsy shop full of vintage and upcycled goods, so it's always a treasure hunt when you click on over there.  Planning a vintage inspired wedding?  She's got your napkins covered.  Take a look.
Jennifer knew I'd appreciate this retro orange bowl.  And I do.
So do the girls.  They ask almost every other day if it supposed to spin.
Now through the end of March, Jennifer is offering 20% off your order!  Just use coupon code: NOBIGDILL, and she'll take care of you.  And, if you're wondering where the name came from like I did, it's the names of her grandparents.  Cool, huh?!  If I wasn't finished having kids, I'd name my next boy Army.  

Have a beautiful weekend.


  1. I love the orange bowl...probably because orange is my favorite color. Love your blog too. Because of you I've been inspired to make a swimsuit for my daughter! Thanks for the great tutorials.

  2. What your done with kids?? LOL U sure about that one!
    That is a beautiful bowl! I am running over to check her out!!
    Thank you!


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