24 January 2012

Fog and Onions

Sometimes, when life with 6 children feels completely out of control and the chaos is crushing, 
I q-tip my children's ears and trim their nails.  Just in case you wanted to know. 
I awoke yesterday (rather Drummer woke me) to a foggy, humid morning.
The pictures don't do justice to the serenity and muted yet somehow heightened colors.
I thought it might be a good day to finally make my French onion soup I've been craving.
Unfortunately, I started it too late and didn't finish it in time for dinner.  
Fortunately, dinner is already made for tonight and fortunately, I wore Ryan's onion goggles=tear free.  Don't believe me that there are such things? 
Told you.  
So, I'd say all in all it was a good day.  Tomorrow holds promises of more goodness.
I am participating in Delia's nesting series.  She's expecting her first girl, for which we've got rather a penchant.

ps it's time for a bang trim--do you venture to trim your own?


  1. I always smile when I open your blog and find more great pictures!
    Have a great week.

    PS I don´t have bangs at the moment, but I like this tutorial -- and will use it again when I have bangs (again). :)

  2. I trimmed my bangs in college, and then I did it a few weeks before engagement pictures...they were super short and not exactly what I wanted, but oh well! I recently found this post and video that helped me do it lots better. Now I go curly all the time, so my bangs are growing out, but this video was a great resource! http://cuegly.blogspot.com/2010/03/btt-how-to-cut-your-own-bangs.html

  3. Katy, yes, I cut my own bangs. In fact, I don't really trust anyone else to do it.

    Also, I must get onion goggles. Or just wear swim goggles and write "onion" on them somewhere.

    Happy Tuesday!

  4. I cut/trim my own bangs and my husband thought I had it done at the salon! I pulled them to the center and twirled them a little and cut them a little longer than I thought (always better than the alternative) and the I made a couple vertical snips to take out any leftover bluntness.

  5. Hi! I'm a new reader, I found your blog through...um, can't remember. I think I was originally on Made and somehow ended up here. :)
    Love the onion goggles! I always trim my own bangs. The salon I go to will cut them for free between haircuts, but I'm kind of terrible about making regular appointments so it gets to the point where I can't comfortably walk in and get a free bangs trim. If you decide to do it, cut a tiny bit at a time until you figure out what works! And pay attention to how it's done next time you get them trimmed professionally!

  6. I always trim my own bangs. Even when they're 2" too long I only trim 1/2" and then they end up perfect. Measurement seems to be rather more flexible in bangs than other things. Never has made sense, but as long as I keep it to 1/2" I do fine :P

  7. it reminded me i have to unfreeze the meat and stoke the peas for tomorrows soup :) Thank You!

  8. I had a morning very much like this when my eldest daughter was first born. The fog was so thick I could barely see the beach - about 50' away. I just sat on the balcony (wrapped in a blanket) with a potted flower (I understand about the colours being heightened) and my diary and enjoyed the solitude. It was also the first and last time that child slept in...By the time she woke up I was in some serious pain! (You know what I mean.....)

  9. I trim my bangs in between hair cuts and have had decent success but, to be fair, I wear my bangs on the longer side and so its easy to hide any potential unevenness. My hair guy gave me the best advice: always trim a tiny bit at a time and use the scissors at an sharp angle. That will give you a bit of light layering at the bottom and you won't have to sweat over precision cutting to make sure they're perfectly even. He said that most folks try to trim too much off in their first cut that they end up short. I'll sometimes make 2-3 passes in one go just to avoid this. No problems yet!

  10. I always trim my own bangs. Snip a little at a time until they're even at the right length, and then finish by doing little, tiny vertical snips. It makes them less blunt. Nothing to be afraid of.

  11. You are the cutest. I have trimmed my own bangs and learned (the hard way!) to leave them a half inch to an inch longer (especially if they're wet) than I think they need to be.

  12. okay, the bangs thing I'll leave to more experienced commenters.
    however, I can totally relate to the ears/nails thing! I thought it was just me! somehow through all the craziness it makes me feel like a good (better) momma if I have 5 freshly washed children, with clean ears and clipped nails and neat hair (usually braids for the girls--the ones with hair that is). I call it "child maintenance night". I truly laughed out loud when I read what you said about that.
    maybe it's a mom-of-a-medium/large-sized-brood thing?

  13. I loved your comment about q-tipping and nail trimming. I do the same thing. Suddenly I feel like I've accomplished something and a little of the chaos goes away. And I only have TWO! (Well, soon to be three).

  14. DON'T DO IT.
    just pay the few extra dollars for the experience of getting away and pampering yourself.
    i'm always sorry when i snip...

  15. Aline--thank you, thank you. Glad to make someone smile these days.

    Dana-onion goggles are the new black. ;) send me a photo if you make your own.

    Thanks for all the bang trimming advice. I think I may do it. My lovely hair stylist will do it for free, but by the time I arrange for a babysitter and get out there...well, I don't. So, here goes nothing...

  16. My husband's safety goggles adorn my face when I chop onions and I'd rather have 10 mondays of the stomach flu than can salsa with out them.
    And here I was thinking I was all brilliant for using them when there are actual onion glasses available!

    As far as the bangs thing goes....I do trim but shouldn't. My conversation with my stylist goes something like this;
    Me: Ummm, so I got fed up with my bangs and trimmed them before I made it in to see you.
    Stylish Gal: I can tell.....don't worry I think I can fix it...

  17. I happen to LOVE onion soup. Yum. THose goggles rock! ha ha...you always make me smile Katy.

  18. Another Shannon piping in to say I laughed about the clipped nails/clean ears bit. I do that too. The house is a wreck, and I may be starting to feel a bit of a wreck, too, but taking the time to get my girls' long hair brushed out and fixed pretty, nails cleaned and clipped, ears de-gunkied... somehow brings a little peace (inside and out!).

    And yes, it is possible to cut your own bangs. If you do them DRY, you won't have any unpleasant surprises (as you could when cutting wet - bangs "shrink" as they dry). And make sure your scissors are SHARP! They make a much nicer cut!

  19. I did my own side swept bangs & except for last october, I've cut my own hair since 2007. Just make sure you buy hair shears & use them only for that purpose otherwise the other materials will dull the blades. good luck.

  20. Im laughing because I posted about onions today too. In a different sort of way, but onions nonetheless.

  21. Best advice for cutting your own bangs...this video tutorial:
    How to Trim Your Bangs
    I've been doing this for a few months now with happy results.

  22. Those foggy pictures are beautiful! I'm guessing you live close to the coast - am I right? Anyway, I enjoy reading your blog. I live in NC, love to sew and am a mom of five kids too - but they're all boys! :)

  23. I looked for onion goggles on Ebay and sent the link to my gadget loving fiance. :) We had a good laugh. Thanks for sharing.

  24. oh yeah, THAT'S why i've never had bangs.

    and i always thought the onion tears came from the fumes going through your NOSE. do the goggles really work?

    and we had a most lovely foggy evening here on monday. i, too, tried to capture the muted-but-heightened phenomena too. you just gotta be there.

    wish i could taste your soup NOW.

  25. Hahaha! Love the goggles & your expression!

  26. Trim your own and spend the money on a new food, spice, fabric, etc. You've got this.


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