20 January 2012

Advent Thank You Card Tutorial

My girls got chocolate advent calendars for Christmas, which they always look forward to opening each door, to see what surprise shape chocolate it held.  I reminded them how blessed they were to have their very own, as we (6 of us) all shared ONE calendar (one little chocolate every 6 days) when we were little--and I turned out just fine, right?  Maybe they're a bit spoiled ;).  Anyway, it got me thinking about how it would make for a fun thank you card, to have multiple little doors to open, each containing a little message or picture.  So we sent out a couple of these and it was more work for me, but nice and simple for the girls to add their messages.
What you'll need for another thrilling thank you:

  • cardstock
  • markers
  • exact-o knife
  • cardboard/cutting mat
  • hole punch
  • glue or double stick tape

Fold cardstock in half and let your child draw a piece of artwork on the front.  Pearl was an overachiever and wrapped her design around to the back, too ;)
Open it up and cut little doors, randomly on the top half, cutting 3 sides of each.
Using a straightedge, crease each door open.
Close card and trace each shape onto the other side, lightly with a pencil.
Open car again and let each child fill in one or more of the squares/rectangles (it's hard to see my pencil marks, but I promise they're there!)

I used a hole punch and punched just half a circle in each door to make it easy to open.
If you have double stick tape, that's the easiest to fasten the card shut, and then you don't have to wait for it to dry before getting it off in the mail, but regular glue will also do, just make sure you don't glue your little doors shut with seeping glue--that would be a surprise indeed!
I also made sure to give credit to the child who did the design on the outside.
Have a wonderful weekend!  I'm hoping for lots of sleep and maybe a bit of exercise (it's been a while, you know).  What are your plans?


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Can't stay to chat, I have a new project to start.

  2. I think this is a great idea! And actually glad to see the process of making an advent calendar - I always want to make one around Christmas but get stuck on the cutting out part. Now it looks a bit like well, duh, of course it goes like this! Ha!

  3. Alright, I tend to be a blog stalker and never comment, but this is just too cute! Thanks for the great idea, as always!

  4. I love it! What a gorgeous design on Pearl's card too.

  5. What a lovely idea, you clever lady.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. This is so clever! Pinning it!

  7. That is such a great idea, Katy! I love it!


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