30 December 2011

Pre Christmas

We left a few of the baby dills at home to take a quick jaunt up to Charleston last week to meet my parents and sister's family.
We stopped in Savannah so I could get me some mint julep chapstick from Savannah Bee Co and to sample the honey buffet, of course.  
Then we stopped at Paris Market to see the fun French wares,
leave our resolutions on the tree,
and to sip some frozen hot chocolate and hot hot chocolate while we listened to the French music.
You have to understand one thing about vacations with my side of the family, and the in-laws have caught on, when we say vacation, it really means to-eat-at-really-good-restaurants, and as-many-as-we-can-pack-in.
I called my parents to see if they would get to Poe's tavern about when we did, but they had stopped elsewhere to eat.
That didn't stop them.  An hour later they were sitting with us at Poe's tavern, eating again.  (We sometimes call Pearl "Poe-poe"--do you have countless nicknames for your kids, too?)
They were so excited to meet up with their only same-age cousins.  Grandpa started a game of find the stuffed elephant in the tree of lights that was delightful to watch, especially when the elephant was hidden in grandpa's jacket.
Next?  More eating of course.  A kid's dream: choose your ice cream and then a gross amount of sugary toppings mounded to sweet satisfaction.

That's about as excited as you'll see Divine.

Spouses feeding one another.
Up early the next morning to squeeze in breakfast (you're supposed to order "The Big Nasty"),
I loved how Jordan's oldest tipped his body over to pour the syrup and the Bells of Ireland on the tables.
Mr. Drummer takes after his uncle (his hair, not his floods).
We had to hurry on over to Glazed for doughnuts before an early lunch.
We did manage to get a little hat browsing in at Magar's Hat Shop.
I would have loved to come home with a couple of these beauties, but they were uncomfortably out of my price range.  Leigh also sells them at Barney's in New York.
My dad trying on the hat forms (a very prized collection being stored here.)

Lunch at Husk did not disappoint, starting with a rock on the giant rocking bench.

Two adoring grandmas.
And one playful one.

The perfect pre-Christmas fun.
Dear Santa,
Next year I would like this house for Christmas.  

Plus someone to clean the windows.

Are you still here?  Thanks for sticking it out through my photo bomb.


  1. Oh, I love husk, poe's and hominy grill! You need to try taco boy if you haven't, great place to bring the kids too and the best Mexican street corn ever! We are happy to be a 3 hour car ride from charleston, trips like that feed the soul, too! Happy new year!

  2. Courtney--Glad we hit the right spots! We'll have to try Taco Boy the next time we venture that way, thank you.

  3. This whole post is so wonderful! Do you have a tutorial for the sleeves on Divine's adorable dress? Or could you? Hehe... :)

  4. It is so nice of you to take us with you... at least on this photo ride!


    I love the way you look through your camera on things, places and people.

    Bye, bye,


  5. what a fun trip! we love poe's!

    happy new year dill family~



  6. The food, the places, the photos....what fun you all must have had. Baby Dill is growing so fast, wow how time flys.

    I'd also want a cleaning lady, and a gardner (to cut the grass, I'll tend the flowers) to go with that house!

  7. delicious/delightful

    exclamation point!

  8. What a fun pre-Christmas!!!

  9. I just love your posts and you pictures - but being Scandinavian, I just have to point out those Maileg santas are Danish, not French

  10. Oooooh I love Poe's! We were there this past Spring.

  11. Haha, I came by to second what Tone said :) We Scandinavians have got to stick together!

  12. Charleston is my favorite place. I even have a joggling board on my patio right now, although mine is covered in snow!

  13. I love living in Charleston. Looks like you enjoyed your visit! Definitely try Taco Boy and Poe's on Sulllivans Island.

  14. loved looking at your 'vacation' pictures. so cute! looks like you have such a good time with your family. thanks for sharing.

  15. Looks like you had a lovely time! I think your new years resolution is just perfect. :)

  16. Oh boy oh boy oh boy... I'm holding my breath with excitement!

  17. Fun! Love that photo of Pearl.

  18. Looks perfect! I love your pictures and I forgot you have bangs.

  19. Your vacation looks wonderful--makes me homesick for the south! One thing, though...the "giant rocking bench" is called a joggling board. They are beloved all over the deep south.

  20. I just have to know where baby boys outfit comes from. I am expecting a boy in the spring, red and blue are one of my favorite color combos and cozy stretch knit baby outfits are my favorite!

  21. It looks like you had a great Christmas! Wishing you a very fulfilling and happy 2012. xo--lisa

  22. I have been dying to take a trip to Charleston and Savannah so I love seein gyour highlights! Maybe this is the year and now I'll know where to go. Thanks!

  23. charleston does have the best restaurants! we lived there for about 6 years and i miss that beautiful city terribly. it looks like y'all had fun! also i used to walk by that house every afternoon and wonder about all those windows too! :)

  24. Gwennie--first I need a porch to put it one :)

    They call me aggie--it came from H&M

    Kasey McKay--how fun!


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