29 December 2011

500 photos

I took an unintended blog hiatus which are sometimes the best types of hiatuses.  Yes, that's a word.
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I'm currently going through 500 photos, trying to decide which ones are worthy of sharing and which ones I should just keep to myself.  I had to share these of my dad.  And yes.  He looks like John Locke.  Hope your Christmas was as delicious as ours.  More photos to come.


  1. I have always thought your dad looked like John Locke, but didn't want to outright say it. Thanks for the permission to do so. :o)

  2. BoilerTeach--so glad you got that off your chest :)

  3. Merry Christmas, Katy! Missed you, but hope you had a grand time with your family!

  4. He most certainly does! I always thought that too... love that show.

  5. No, John Locke looks like me!

  6. You deserve a hiatus. You guys have a Yogurt Mountain there? Is it new? I've only seen them here...yummo!

  7. Brandi--Thank you for missing me!

    Jenny--I've only seen an episode or two, but people tell me that whenever I post a photo of him here.

    Dad--I stand corrected.

    Astorga Crew--No! That was up your direction!


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