09 November 2011

Salad on the Way

Have you checked out ways to become even more green over at Home Depot yet?
Here's a shot of our lettuce from a couple of weeks ago.
Can't wait to whip up a fresh salad with it soon!


  1. How exciting! How nice it must be to have lettuce growing weather right now. :)

  2. It will grow so fast! I own a little 3-acre organic farm, and it always makes me happy to see how badly lettuce wants to grow. It just EXPLODES out of the ground! And you just can't beat the taste of homegrown lettuce. Have you tried growing bok choi? You can't screw it up, and then you have lettucey leaves and celery-like stalks (without the strings).

  3. We NEED something like this. The produce here is blech.


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