08 November 2011

Pomelo Passing People

Oh.  It was a wonderful weekend.  We had Drummer's blessing (more on that later).
My parents, sister-in-law and sweet nephew came to celebrate and participate from many miles away.
We all scrunched into our tiny house and somehow I think we all managed to get some sleep.  Olive told her stories, which, if you've ever been on the listening end of such an occasion, simply wears you out by the time she reaches the conclusion when you want to want to scream just tell me what happens!  She likes to draw things out, and revel in the rapt attention.
 We did post-dinner tricks with the help of willing relatives.
Olivia was so good to help do hair Sunday morning and then be on the other end after church, that long, dark, beauty of a coif.
 Affection was not spared.
And of course there was a walk to wear out those baby Dills, but I'm afraid it didn't really wear out those still in their single digits as much as those of us with doubles.
We brought along carrots to feed our neighborhood horse, Cash.  He was delighted, 
 despite the dropped carrots by scared little hands.
 Pearl got her horse loving fix.
 And our own little wild stallion got some free roaming.
My girls fell in love with their little boy cousin who hits your face when he likes you.  Or eats your head.  Both signs that you are accepted and ingested.
As my mom and I were in the kitchen one day whipping up some culinary goodness, she and I lamented that we couldn't get together more often to work on our projects and share our passion for all things fiber.  
The distance made the whole time together even sweeter, especially since they'll be increasing that distance even more very soon.  
If you can help me think of a bribe to get them closer to us, I will name my 7th child after you.
 Even if that child turns out to be a rabbit.  Or a goat.
My dear visitors have all left to go to the places they call home and we miss the extra bodies for hugs and homework help (go ask the fluent Spanish speaker, Olivia, to help you with your homework!)
So, Olive isn't sleeping in the closet and Clover won't have her cousin around for early morning bed stare-downs.  We miss them greatly.  
 I am back to blogging and working on my Once Upon a Thread project.
I love having those extra creative, wise minds around to bounce around ideas and dreams.  We laughed late into the night, passing around the pomelo until we knew the next day, was coming even if we never got in bed.  Thanks for coming.


  1. What a sweet weekend! I loved all your pictures! You have a beautiful family! Are you parents getting ready for another mission? You have a great family!!

  2. How fun! So great when family visits - esp. the kind who don't mind cramped spaces. Where are your parents moving to now?

  3. Wow, in that first pic, I can see your face in your mother's...always so meaningful, those family times.

  4. Aww.. getting together with family is the best!!!
    Mine live WAAAAAAAY across the country and we only see them about every year, year and a half.
    Next summer will be a reunion where everyone will be there, so looking forward to that!

  5. I love love love everyone around one table to eat! What a wonderful chaos it is to have family visiting!

    7th child, heh?

  6. looks like a beautiful weekend. i just spotted these "drummer boy" pillows on Dear Lillie and thought of your new little baby.

  7. I was just reading Hansel and Gretel (by Cynthia Rylant, illustrated by Jen Corace) to my little ones at bedtime tonight and thinking 'for the love of Pete, will someone pleeeeeease use one of these sweet outfits for their Once Upon a Thread choice! You should check it out of the library if you haven't seen it before. It is quite dark and delicious, if you like that kind of thing in a story!

  8. oh man... i scrolled down slowly and backtracked now and then because i so didn't want the post to end—let alone the weekend! wish i had a little house and closets to fit all of YOU so i could bribe you up here SOON.

    love to all of you!

  9. I was imagining the wonderful noise in the last scene...chatting, reading, Drummer yelling. So alive and vibrant a family!

  10. if 6 grandchildren isn´t bribe enough, I can´t think of anything to help you. :)

  11. I am curious as to what your family does for Christmas. Just from reading your blog I can't imagine that it's super commercial. I want the center of mine to be on Christ. Do you have any tips on how to keep it that way?

  12. Melanie and Astorga Crew--they are moving to Utah for 18 months and then we'll see if we can get them closer!

    Leslie--those are darling! Too bad they are sold out :(

    Aline--Sadly, I think you are right.

    Katie--Our kids don't get mounds of gifts. They get one from us and we've convinced grandparents to do the same, and they will usually make gifts for each other. Last year we acted out the nativity with all the cousins which was beautiful. We may try that again with just us. We also try to invite those who don't have family close.

  13. Loved your documentation of our whirlwind rendevous with you and yours. We were wishing just this morning that our pod was closer to your peeps.
    Thanks for the memories!
    Love you lots!,

  14. I felt the same as Olivia--didn't want the post OR the weekend to end. Such a fun time. Thanks for the fun!

  15. I love seeing you with your family. Sad the visit couldn't last longer. Are your parents going back to UT??? Say it isn't so!

  16. What a lovely pictures and a lovely story about your family's visit. You always tell a good story with your pictures and your words.

    Drummers blessing outfit is adorable by the way. Your girls looked so sweet all dressed in orange.

  17. Jealous am I! Looks like it was lovely for all.

  18. Oh! How I miss your amazing and wonderful family! Please tell them all I say hi!


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