26 October 2011

Small Town Fair

Ryan makes good things happen.  I love that about him.  He told me a couple of weeks ago about a small town fair that was happening about 45 minutes away.  I wasn't feeling particularly energetic enough to go that week, but I told him I did want to go.
The following week rolls around and I remind him what fun it would be to go.  So, he makes it happen. I like to think we make things happen for each other.  Those things that really matter, because that's what you do for someone you love, right?
We were down one girl who was spending quality time with her Gammy to give her Momma a bit of a break.  Turns out, we missed her terribly, but stomped and romped those small town fair grounds much more easily without that little whirlwind of a girl.
 So, the girlies 4 ran from ride to ride, those thrill seekers.
One of my favorite parts was all the hand holding.  Ryan didn't go because he had Mr. Drummer strapped to him, asleep and happy as could be.  So these sisters had each other's backs.  They were in this together.  That's the best sight for a momma to see.
This ride loving momma wanted to be there with her girls, but thought it best not to have her body whipped, whirled, and flipped, as much as those appealed to her.
 There was a haunted house that turned out to be spooky for other reasons than those intended.
The first two girls whipped in and out.  The second two whipped in, but not out.  We waited and joked about the sparks flying from the bottom of each cart and then had to stifle our laughs and raised our brows as the man working the ride came out, pushing our daughters.  It was a quintessential small town fair experience.
This was the kind of chicken I had when I was in high school. We called her the bedhead chicken, and she was an outcast among her fellow hens who would peck at her bouffant, so my dad would make a distasteful paste to apply on her head to discourage further pecking.  Poor girl.  She had a rough life.
 Azure was a bit short to go on some of the rides the older girls could, so I took her around to find some just for her, just us two.  Oh.  That smile.  To see such genuine happiness from this girl lifts my heart.  
She's a bit like the runt of the family.  You would think we fed Clover and her completely different diets.  They have 2 years separating their ages, but Clover has the weight advantage.  Azure sometimes overcompensates with her noise level which is akin to fingernails on chalkboards.  She also struggles a bit in school.  Being a lefty and the youngest in her class, we're working on her academic achievements more than most would have to.  I love her to bits, freckles and all.
 This fair is just what we needed.  All of us.
 Ryan and I agreed it was better than Disneyworld.
 No long lines.  Close parking.  No crowd facilitating lost children.  Animals just inches away.  Ryan wants a cow now.
 Everyone was cooperative, including this guy who slept the whole time, except for the last 1/2 hour.
 I found a shaded bench to nurse while the girls and Ryan hit a few last rides.

 Pearl and I confided in each other that we like the scariest rides best, although her face on this one clearly shows her trepidation.  Even Divine refused to get on, bribes and all coming from her dad.
 They dropped our little redhead (and Olive reluctantly joined her) from huge heights.  
 Ryan got sweaty palms just watching them make the slow ascent.  I smiled and wished I was up there with them to hold hands and scream and laugh as we stumbled off our seats.  Next time, girls.  Pearl's response as she exited, I didn't even have time to say "is"!

 I don't think the day could have gotten any better.  We saw a calf that was born a day after Drummer.
 There was a bit of size discrepancy.  
 We ended our visit by hearing the roosters crow as we walked toward the car.
 I answered them back.  Did you know I can do a mean crow imitation?  It's all about head tilt and open throat.
It's one of my gifts. 
   Highly ill utilized, but a gift nonetheless.


  1. Beautiful photos...as always!!!!!!

  2. We just had a small town fair as well. I agree with you much better than Disney World! I wish I could have gotten photos like yours! Beautiful.

  3. This post was such a treasure! The photos of the kids, your commentary, and the glimpse into your new life with six kids were edifying. That Azure! Please allow me to say that she is nigh unto my 'fave.' I just want to have her around--high shrieks and all. Glad to know Cloves was getting some one on one love from Grammy.

  4. I have to say..you have about the most beautiful children I have ever seen! what a great day!! Hope your back to your old self really soon....

  5. I have a youngest-in-the-class lefty, too. She works hard to keep up ~ and enjoys the results more than the other girls who don't have to work quite as hard. :)

  6. Oh I loved the pictures! They made this blustery day at my house not so blustery! :)

  7. I have three little girls and every time I read your blog, I wish I had more.

  8. Fun! I am super impressed that your girls went on rides all alone...that wouldn't happen in our family. We would have to bribe them to even get on.

  9. What a fantastic day! Love the photos and stories. We have chickens and they are pretty fun to imitate.

  10. Glad you got to get out! Such a pretty picture of that rooster.

    I love how much you love your children wholly. That you accept them for who they are and appreciate their struggles and triumphs. You are a great mom. I hope you continue to heal up quickly!

  11. Your daughters are all beautiful, each in their own special way! And I love the little tidbits you share. That's the best part of having a large family....seeing how their little (and other times BIG) personalities come out and play off each other.


  12. Love small town fairs. I think I agree - better than Disney. What a perfect fall-time activity.

  13. Looks like so much fun. Seriously Azure has the best smile ever.

    One of my best friends had her 5th baby yesterday. Her 5th girl and I thought of you and your beautiful family.

  14. That looks like a super fun thing to do. I'm wondering what being a lefty has to do with academic troubles, though. :-) I'm a lefty and LOVE it and have never had any academic trouble. Some with my youngest son (I say that I had to keep having children until I got a lefty haha)

  15. Jeanette-My lefties always have a hard time with handwriting which affects many facets, but she is improving with lots of erasing and practicing! :)

  16. What a beautiful post! It looks like the girls had a BLAST! I love it! Fairs can be magical, can't they? So glad you see you all out and about and having fun.


  17. Loved seeing those happy girls. It looked like a perfect fair day! Glad you could get out and have such a great time.

  18. You make me laugh, Katy!
    Loved that first shot of Pearl.
    Such a beauty.

  19. Such a cute family adventure <3

  20. Love those beautiful happy girls! How brave they are.

  21. Katy, I always smile as I read your words and look at the beautiful photos of your family. Thank you for lifting a little bit of the doldrums from my day.

  22. Beautiful pictures! Your family is darling.

  23. Looks like a wonderful day. I love all of your photos!

  24. What a fantastic post! your photos are beautiful! I love old rides and county fairs...with the smell of cotton candy mingling with the scent of cows! Looks like you had a great day!


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