27 October 2011

Family Mores

If you're a member of our family there is at least one constant.
We go on walks.  It's just one of things we do.  A lot.
Sometimes these girls fight it.
But mostly they have learned that that's just what we do.
We believe strongly in being active, using our bodies, and just being healthy in general.
So these weeks when I haven't been able to do a whole lot has been hard.
It was nice for a few days, but not any more.
This walk was with Ryan.  I asked if he wanted to take the camera and was so pleased when he said yes,
because he got some great shots, showing off these personalities we call our family.
We are inching our way into a routine.  
A new routine that is sometimes chaotic.  Okay, usually chaotic.
But as we sat surrounding our round table for dinner, us eight, it felt complete--overwhelming, but complete.
I still haven't been able to do more than 2 dinners in a row, but we'll get there.  I love how little demands Ryan puts on me, and accepts that some days are more productive than others.
Today I got the white load of laundry folded and put away.
Yesterday I even got some sewing time!  I have some fun things in the works I can't wait to show you.
I'm also making an effort to get photo albums done and up to date for each of these girls.
You would think as many photos as I take I would have them done, but I quit about the time Olive was a year old.  
Azure needed a photo for her Kindergarten class of herself as a baby.  With no photo album to draw from, I had to dust off the boxes stacked in my closet and pull out the mounds of photos to see if I even had anything.
Fortunately, after spending about 20 minutes in the closet with the photos I took back when I shot with actual film, I emerged with once suitable for her to take.
That's when I decided that she needed a photo album of her own, one that she can hold in her lap, covering her legs entirely, flipping the oversized pages and pointing out the times she remembers and how cute she was as a baby.
That was always one of our favorite Sunday activities growing up.
I think I'd like to add it to our list of things we just do.
So we can pull out these photos and laugh how Olive sneezed mid shot,  how Clover is giving a suspicious look, the disgust of Divine, Azure's funny pose, and Pearl, who usually is the ham of the group, is looking surprisingly normal.
And how they'll tell Ryan they got prickers in their feet when he asked them to all sit on the log together for a photo.
Family mores, even the small and simple ones, are important.


  1. You have such a beautiful family. These photos are stunning, good job Ryan!

  2. What a fun batch of photos!! :)

  3. That was such a great group of photos! I think its so important to have photo albums. All of my photos are stranded in cyberspace and need to be printed.

    Your family is gorgeous!

  4. My last delivery and recovery was very difficult too and there was a lot of taking it easy and healing...like at least 6 weeks and it was hard when there are so many that need you. Take your time....in the end, it is worth it to just heal instead of dragging it out. Enjoy your bundle while he is still small and cuddly:)

  5. Ryan has talent! Wait, you already knew that.

  6. Good job, Ryan! Loves the shots.

  7. Oh my those were good! My husband just looked over at me and asked "why are you laughing at the computer?" The shot of Olive mid sneeze was too much .

  8. Very fun photo shoot. Love those girls.

  9. Wait, you did a load of laundry AND a big long blog post in one day? INCREDIBLE!

    And Ryan! Incredible!

    And the sneeze shot. Incredible.

    And pat yourself on the back, because I think the album thing is already a thing you just do. (As a Dill, and as a Knudsen.) I've never met another family that keeps albums by individual child. I think it's brilliant for the long run, so props on that already being one of the mores.x

  10. My photos albums are sadly not up to date either. I should start now as we only have 2 kids so far!

    Ryan is a wonderful photographer!

  11. what beautiful children you have!!! I love the pictures...

  12. Ryan is an amazing photographer! I looove these pictures! Yours girls are beautiful

  13. I always wonder how other Mammas handle the family photos...how they keep up with printing and organizing...or if they get bogged down too sometimes. :) We have a separate photo album for each of our children; it gets expensive, but it's worth it. Keep on chugging. :)

  14. Your girls already look like models. So much natural beauty in youth. And, walks are something we care a lot about, too!

  15. Thank you so much for sharing your family with us. I always enjoy reading your posts. They are calming. I know having a family of 8 must be chaotic at times, but your posts are always full of so much joy that it overflows to the rest of us who get to read it. Thank you for that!

  16. Oh I'm glad you got a little sewing time in, that always helps make things feel more normal. Those pictures are really fun! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Nice Photos! Do you make a photo album for each girl? Do you make double ups..one for them and one for you..or just give all the photos to them?


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