07 September 2011

On Contortion

Had Strawberry Brown Butter Bettys last night hoping to coax this body and baby into labor (close enough to strawberry pie, right?)  I've decided that browned butter is one of the top seven sultry scents I can imagine.  But, alas I awoke still pregnant.
This morning, while I was at my midwife appointment my mom did breakfast dishes and the locks of the littlest.  Not one, not two, but three ponytails was the request.  More of a demand.  She already knows the power of her cuteness is amplified by ponytails.  Look out, world.
It was early day so we grabbed the kids, the food and headed to the park in hopes of releasing energy from this clan of mine.
Divine was impressed by how high grandma can swing and wanted to know HOW.  Divine always wants to be the highest and best.  Then, she wants to be recognized for it, mostly by her momma.  She struggles trying new things because of the fear for not doing them perfectly, because she does most things so well.  She'll sit on the periphery, observing instead of jumping in with both feet until she's confident her splash will be big and beautiful.
Azure just needs to be heard.  She wants to share the hue of life from her height, which is a place where I'd like to be more frequently with the amount of absolute joy that radiates from simple acts like going to the treasure box.
They are each their own.
And each one comes in a different flavor that sometimes is hard to meld with the rest.
We discussed last night (Ryan, my mom, and I) how learning to parent each one is like a contortion act.
I am not very flexible, in both senses, sometimes.
I want what works for one person at a particular time to work for everyone all the time.
But of course that would be too easy.  
I fight change more than Divine does.
Change is hard, but Hard Things are good, as we like to tell our kids (over and over and over).  
We are about to experience another grand change, all of us.  We are adding a new flavor.
Oh, how exciting!  My midwife wanted to know if I was anxious to have this baby.
I told her yes, but I've gotten to this point and waited this long that I am willing to wait for labor to begin on it's own.  I hope.
Ready or not, we will embrace change and attempt more twisting and bending to get this parenting thing down.
Swinging, by the way, didn't convince baby either.


  1. how do you stay looking so freaking young?! You look so cute in that swing. waiting for baby with you...

  2. You are quite the swingin' momma.
    In my prayers for good labor and delivery and a beautiful, healthy baby Dill.
    Hug my high flying honey for me! Not only does she swing the highest, she she gives me butterflies just by looking at her!

  3. I do not do change well at all and have discovered that doesn't work so well when one is a mom [or a grandmother now]. We just have to keep trying to do our best each day!
    Just keep popping in for baby news along with everyone else. How are the girl's doing with the wait?
    Hooray to your mom for being such a talent on the swing! xx

  4. Love this post.

    I think we do parent the same when it comes to support, morals and love. But you are right, each child is unique and therefore unique parenting will give them. In the end they each receive what they need.

    I am so feeling for you right now. I have resisted telling you I went progressively later with each of our babes. keep in mind they are all adults now and "back in the day" midwives were even more accepting of waiting it out. Last babe was 5 weeks past and almost 11 pounds. I was miserable but unwilling to go against the time my body needed to brew a babe. Eventually she was born and the rest was history.

    I do not wish you to see either side of week 5 but I am so thrilled to know another woman who is willing to let our bodies do what they were perfectly designed to do. You are wonderful and your girls are so very fortunate to have you as their mum.

  5. Pretty pics as always. So much better because you blow them up -- so fun to look at...And, lovely bump.

  6. Long time listener, first time caller...

    I am thisclose to being as excited for your labor as I was for mine... I sincerely wish you a beautiful, now-ish, precious birth. Post haste.

    Your beauty - personal and familial - make me want to procreate *maybe* again.

    Good thoughts and wishes in your general direction... :)

  7. Love the second to last pic, with all five girls swinging at the same time...

  8. I thought the strawberry pie comment about inducing labor was just a joke. I had no idea that it was a real thing! So sorry your Strawberry Brown Butter Bettys didn't do the trick, but boy do they look delicious!

    The photos and the musings are beautiful as always.

  9. Those ponytails are the CUTEST thing I've ever seen. She's onto something there!

    You look fabulous Katy! Your toes are looking hot too.

    You make a great point about the one-size-fits-all parenting. I so wish that would work with mine!

  10. everyday i enjoy reading about your beautiful children, family,life! you inspire me.thank you. can't wait to see if it's a boy or a girl!.

  11. You are so right. On flavors - on contortion - on wanting one thing to work for everyone - but wow! what pretty pictures, and what a pretty mama!

  12. YOU are just too cute for words!!

  13. I've been reading your blog for awhile now, every so often I'd open your site and read what you've been up to. Lately though, I'm glued to the screen, waiting with you and your absolutely gorgeous (was going to say "divine" but I didn't want to single one girl out) daughters. I love how you write, and how you punctuate each sentence with a stunning photo. I always feel like all is right with the world after reading your blog. I hope your baby comes quickly! xx

  14. (Sigh) . . . another beautiful post. You started with a mouth-watering photo, and ended with lovely reflections on parenting. I have an almost-3-year-old (in 4 days!) and an 11-month-old, and I feel every day that I am "still getting used to" parenting two children. I love to hear from people with three, four, five, six children . . . your insights help me to reflect on my own experience.

  15. NOW I HAVE THIS TERRIBLE CRAVING FOR STRAWBERRY BROWN BETTY'S. Plus the great aching arms to hold our newest addition. So glad you are patiently waiting for him/her to peek out into this word when good and ready.

  16. Ben saw the pictures of Pearl's lizard and said they have them in Texas, too (where he grew up). I thought it was two lizards but he said they change color. cool!

    This post is lovely. The images and the words. Thanks for the update. You know we're all on pins and needles and it's good to hear you're all still hanging in there.

  17. Just wanna thank you for your cute posts & I copied your inspiration for the school year theme...it just made perfect sense for my girls & when they complain about something I ask them how they can make lemonade out of the situation & they smile. So thank you much!

  18. i hear when woman surrender to being pregnant. . . .out pops baby! hoping this is the case for you :-)..
    i check your blog daily waiting for the news...wiht my 4 girls and one boy you make me feel like one more would be kinda nice :-) xxx

  19. I can't believe how fabulous you look! And love hearing how you think as a mumma of five... awesome pics too.

  20. You look radiant! Love your beautiful family and can't wait to see what this little one will bring! We only have three but they are all within 2.5 years (2 adopted and then a wonderful surprise!)... it is always encouraging to read your blog and see you with soon to be six little ones! We are keeping our fingers crossed for four someday!

  21. Thank you for giving beauty back to the rest of us.

    Fingers crossed on the new baby dill!

  22. You look so wonderfull!!!can't wait to see if it's a boy or a girl!.

  23. Mine were all late babies too, except this last one. He decided to come early. Praying for a wonderful labor and delivery WHENEVER this baby decides to make his/ her entrance!

  24. so your divine and my emery sound much alike! she's been fighting me on practicing her phone number & address because it's something we have to practice to perfection. BUT i'm seeing that until she can say it perfectly she doesn't want to say it at all. when i started quizzing her this am on the way to school she started bending over in half complaining her stomach was hurting.....not wanting to go to school. oh the perfectionist in her! it may come from me!! and i don't enjoy change either! don't you LOVE uniforms! wishing good labor vibes your way!!

  25. You are fabulous! Don't know how you manage 5 girls, I cannot even handle just one sometimes. You are my hero. Hang in there. BTW, maybe you should talk to this new baby, he/she might just listen to you and come out. Can you find Longan "dragon eye" (a type of Chinese/asian fruit, like Lychee, but with yellow skin) in your area. I know for sure the dried ones can make your uterus contract, maybe the fresh ones works too. Even if they don't work, they are very tasty!
    Cannot wait to meet this new baby dill. Wish you a smooth delivery!

  26. I don't usually post on people's blog (I am lame like that) but as I have been reading I keep thinking about this book that I LOVED as a kid. It is called "Baby come out!" By Fran Manushkin. I thought you and your girls would like it.


  27. You are an inspiration! I check your blog daily, its the first thing I do when I log on! Happy pushing, I hope it happens soon!

  28. Well, I guess I should have posted this on the weekend anyway...I figured you were having baby! You need someone to make you some of this eggplant parmesan...apparently it works a charm! http://www.scalinis.com/Bambino.htm

    You look amazing, hang in there...I remember those heavy baby-laden days. Another thing a friend tried with success to get her labor started was some clary sage and lavender essential oils, therapeutic quality and diluted in a good carrier oil. Foot massages, in the bath, rubbed on belly and back, and inhaled. Check with your midwife?

    Clary Sage-relieves tension, brings on labor, helps with expelling afterbirth

    Lavender-dulls and eases uterine pain but also increases the strength of contractions while calming the mother.

    Might be worth a try if they're handy and you're desperate...thanks for keeping us posted! I love your blog, but I'm usually shy with leaving comments. Best wishes for a beautiful birth!

  29. nice toes you've got there :)

    you look amazing...keep your chin up, that babe will be here before you know it!

  30. What fun pictures! Love the one with all the girls swinging.

  31. Love your blog.. love that you're being surprised.. love that this is probably the most checked blog to find out update on baby! lol
    She/he WILL come :)

  32. I just wanted to let you know that I love the photo off all of your girls swinging. Yes, I am a little late in reading this as my post time stamp shows. I am still waiting in suspense to find out about baby Dill #6!!!


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