02 June 2011

Sewing Soiree Sneaking Up!

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Okay.  Enough of the giveaways. I'll stop telling you where to go.

* * *
For those who are local, I am pleased to announce I am hosting another Sewing Soiree!  These are always so much fun.  Well, at least I have fun.  Everyone else seems to enjoy themselves, too :).  Here are some scenes from a previous Sewing Soiree, and they make me giddy with excitement in anticipation about the fun we'll have! was that sentence totally grammatically incorrect?
People come and bring their projects, sewing related or not;
some come for sewing advice, others bring it with them!
And of course there are always yummy things to eat,
stories told and laughing to be done,
and new friendships made.
And don't forget the beverages!
If you're in the area and are interested in coming, email me so I can do a background check to make sure you're relatively normal ;) 
I will supply the beverage, a door prize or two, and my fireplace as a cutting mat.  I know, how very generous of me.


  1. so what area are you in?

  2. Aw, i only wish i were local so I could join the fun!

  3. I would soooooooo be there if I lived in the area...but I probably wouldn't pass the background check...lol

  4. Oh how I wish I were local! It looks like so much fun! :)

  5. Oh how I wish I could come!

  6. You know how sometimes one can get pulled into a blogger vortex? I just was. Normally when this happens I find myself on a blog about collecting beanie babies or about eating sandwiches and then I lapse into a coma.

    So you must know how delighted I was to land on your beautiful and inspirational blog. I am not sure how I got here, but I am so glad I found my way!

  7. Yes, what area are you in? I have never quite been able to figure out where you live!

  8. oh bother! I want to come!! but it's too far from Boston! have fun!!

  9. sew fun! I wish I didn't live a million miles away!

  10. I've been counting the days, Katy! I have a special project this time.

  11. Oh man what a fun night! I wish I were closer.

  12. uuuu what fun. will i make it in time if i book my flight out now? i live on a teeny island in the mediterranean (oh we do have an airport!). now if you could do a live show, i'd sit here and watch you all sew along with a bevvy here and my sewing too!!!
    enjoy girls...
    becky bpbajona (at) maltanet dot net

  13. I would like to come and learn how to use that hemming foot once and for all!

  14. Finally!!!!!! I. Can't. Wait! :-D Now I need to come up with a project...I already finished the one I was working on.

  15. I have seen that giant poppy wall sculpture in a number of your photos, and I was wondering where you got it (if you remember)? Thanks!! It looked like fun, I wish people near me did things like this :)


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