02 June 2011

Photography ebook giveaway!

Recently, one of "my" young women asked me to take her senior portraits.  I was honored she wanted me to document such a momentous occasion, but I was also apprehensive, as I wanted to make sure she was happy with the results.  I had just started shooting purely in manual on my camera, although it was more of good luck when the photos came out how I wanted.  I was just turning dials and knobs and then checking the screen, so when Katie Evans contacted me about her e-book and asked if I would take a look at it, I was thrilled.
I read through almost the whole thing the night before I took these photos.
She goes through the basics of shooting in manual and the relationship of aperture, shutter speed and ISO and how they work with each other,
but then she also talks in detail about editing the photos to make them look just how you want them.
And she's giving away two books for you!  

Go here to read more about the book, get a discount code, and to enter the giveaway!


  1. I'm entering on behalf of my best photo girlfriend!

  2. Love these pics, such a great job!

  3. I just bought her book yesterday...so boo that I missed your giveaway! But I just read it last night..and OH BOY! It is awesome!!

  4. bought a new camera last year and can only manage the basics - this would be a BIG win for us!

    miscstadra at hotmail dot com

  5. Would love to get better at shooting - I am prolific automatic point and shooter with my SLR. A good camera is thus far wasted on me!!


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