30 June 2011

Pen Wrap & Roll: Tutorial and Giveaway

I'm going to have you hopping all over the place today, but I think your finger can handle it and it will be well worth it!
Today, I'm sharing a tutorial over at Living With Punks with Susan where I admit to my snobbish ways when it comes to writing implements.  
I've shared with you before about my infatuation with Hi-Tec C 4.0 pens before, how I found them when we went to Japan a couple of years ago, and how I fell in love with them for their crisp, smooth, vibrant writing abilities, and how I thought I'd never be able to find them again, rationing each drop of ink like it was WWIII, hoarding them in my purse...but that has changed, and I can sleep peacefully knowing they are but a few clicks away.  And today!
Today, I am giving away an entire set of them!  
Go HERE to enter!
And then you can click on over to Living With Punks to learn how to beautifully hang and display your pens for easy access, roll them up and take them with you, and keep track of every single one.  
And you'll have to please excuse my anthropomorphism, but I really do love my pens, as far as inanimate objects are concerned:



  1. You are adorable.lol. I love this!

  2. well, you snobbish fetish is genetic.

  3. This is the prettiest pen roll I've seen. I'm a snob about pens too.

  4. i adore colour pencils, pens and crayons.so i completely understand your obsession. i also love moleskin sketch books.

  5. These pens look amazing, not to mention their little sleeping bags :) Love!!

  6. I am a pen snob too. I do bookkeeping for a restaurant so if you want to keep a pen, you have practically tie it around your neck. This would do the trick. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Tried to post three times. Either my computer continues to hate me or the airwaves are truly cursed. Your pens and roll are gorgeous. My love for writing implements began years ago when my college then boyfriend gave me a cinnamon scented pen his father was trying to market. It was yummy; nice broad lines and no bleed through and the aroma lingered and lingered. I've never seen them for sale anywhere. Yours look like a worthy substitute.


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