16 May 2011

NEO: Mini Waitress Apron Tutorial

Waitressing wasn't one of my "student days" places of employment.  I don't think I would have been a very good one anyway, so it's probably best, because I might just be a little too honest about food.  They would ask about the fish dish and I'd say it was on the fishy side and they'd ask about the vegetable dish and I'd say it was on the mushy side and finally I'd tell them where they should go for really good food.  But, I've got a couple of waitresses around here who rave about the food they serve and even bring dishes that weren't ordered.

These are easy peasy to make and you most likely have something on hand to use, even if you don't have some old handkerchiefs.
  • handkerchief, or finish the edges of a square piece of fabric
  • trim
  • ribbon or fabric for tie
First stitch the trim along the edge of the backside.  Fold the handkerchief up about 3 1/2", or a third of the way.  Stitch on either side and then stitch two more lines for a pencil about 1/3 way over.
Use either a ribbon, or you can make your own tie out of fabric by folding a 4" X 48" piece in half hotdog ways, right sides together, stitch around, leaving a couple inches open to turn right side out.  Pin handkerchief onto ribbon/tie and stitch across the top.  I attached a little ribbon loop on the corner so these little waitresses can hang them up on the side of the kitchenette after their shifts.  I also added the trim to the ends of the fabric tie and to the top of the handkerchief on one.
And speaking of their kitchenette, it is enjoying a brand new color, a deep orange with some retro-looking wrapping paper for the backsplash added for more personality.
Believe it or not, these photos are the same kitchenette with the same girl.  How did that happen?

Great service, I tell ya.
And, of course, two waitresses are better than one.

The spray paint I used was Lobster Red, but it's a deep orange that has covered many things in my Never Enough Orange [NEO] sewing studio.
Apparently, this is what she wrote down as my order:
Whatever it was, it was delicious.
I highly recommend it.


  1. toooo stinkin' cute! love the ruffles! i think i even have some of that orange fabric. i used it to make a kimono for my little girl oh so long ago...thanks for the great idea :)

  2. Love the aprons, love the new kitchenette color and LOVE the WAITRESSES!

  3. I was just looking at vintage linens at our local pick-a-mart but I couldn't get a clear idea of how I wanted to use them. This is an excellent idea -- thank you!

  4. Super cute kitchen! I am loving following along with all your neo creations. I'm trying to think of what color I will do for my sewing room. I love the monochromatic-ness of it all!

  5. I love the aprons but especially the servers! Can't wait until they serve up something for me. The Orange Studio: looking good!

  6. I love how fresh the colours are with the orange and white! so summery!
    you've got super cute waitresses there- you know I was wondering, I've seen some pretty cool sewing things having been whipped up by your sisters on their blogs, but yours seems to have the sewing bug-did you do it at college or anything?

  7. So very pretty! I didn't like waitressing, for that same reason. The food wasn't good and I hated when people ordered what I KNEW was gross. Then my tip went down. But it did make me a nicer person to be waited upon when I go out to eat:). I love these, Katy!

  8. Love the aprons... But I'd love to know more about the little yellow dress, too. Is there a post on that one already?

  9. So, you would recommend spray painting furniture? My daughter's furniture is brown and she would like it white. We were just going to use the paint we bought for her walls, but would spray paint be better?

  10. Madsta-I learned most the sewing basics in high school and took a class at college, but it wasn't that beneficial. The best thing to do is just doing it. All my sisters do a bit of sewing, Ann probably the most, but they are plenty creative in other areas.

    Bethany-that was purchased in Mexico for super cheap, but I don't think it's that difficult to make--I'll look into doing a tutorial for it.

    Chris-Spray paint is definitely more expensive, but I like the look of the no-brush strokes, and with a smaller job, it isn't too bad. I think I used 2-3 cans on this one. It also seems to last and is easy to touch up. I spray paint most anything I can get my hands on ;)

  11. Wow, super super super..I ♥......

  12. Very fun. Once again, I'd like one in my size. But, wait! I do and made by you :)

    Love that photo with Azure's arm around Clovey!

  13. Completely adorable aprons! This post just radiates happiness. So fun.

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  15. Love how coordinating everything is going to be!

    We have the same little kitchen, and I am trying to convince 3 1/2 year old Elisha that we should paint it. He however doesn't love change, so I couldn't even persuade him with pictures of your (his favorite colour-orange) amazing new kitchen! Maybe soon. Thanks for sharing

  16. What pretty little aprons!! I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


  17. so sweet. my daughter would love this!

  18. love love love the orange kitchen with wonderfully retro paper! it makes me want to re-do my daughters horrible baby pink/white/silver kitchen!

  19. love the kitchen...we have the very same one...my girls would love a fun color like that! thanks for the idea!

  20. These are gorgeous! I just found your blog through Kojo, and I love it! So inspiring! I'm a new follower.

  21. Love the aprons! Where did you find that kitchen? I've been looking for a kitchen for my little girl and yours looks perfect!

  22. These are so cute and it's such a great tutorial! I love your dad's comment too... what a sweet dad you have.

  23. super adorable! I especially love that they can carry around a pad and pencil--"pre-writing" is such a valuable thing to practice (just ask any preschool/kindergarten teacher). Terrifically cute!


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