17 May 2011

Corsage Cuff Tutorial

This tutorial is long overdue, patiently waiting in the queue of projects needing to be documented.  When Kirsten and Jordan asked me to join in their [along with Delia!] colorfully delightful series Color My Summer, I still wasn't planning on doing this as my tutorial.  I was in the process of dying fabric and readying my supplies for another sewing project, but looking back at some photos I saw my Corsage Cuff pleading with me to be debuted....in orange, of course!

Color My Summer has been so fun because I love me some bright colors.  I also love neutrals, but I do lean toward the ROY G BIV types of projects.  I first made the Corsage Cuff over a year ago and they showed up in my Ruched Headband Tutorial photos I did for Dana's "Celebrating Mom" series.  But then I had people asking how I made the bracelet that accompanied them:

 Here it is, the Corsage Cuff Tutorial:
I also ended up using hot glue for the cuff backing and tucking in extra flowers in sparse spots.

Measure your wrist and decide the width you want.  I did 1" wide on this one, but I'll be honest, I think I prefer them either 3/4" or 1/2", just make sure your ribbon backing is the same width so it will fit properly without trimming or fraying.
 Cut the measured size out of the plastic packaging and round the corners.
 Begin by wrapping the floral tape [which comes in brown, green, and white] by stretching it slightly as you pull and warp.  It will naturally adhere to itself.  You can find this at any craft store in their artificial flower section.
 Take all the smaller bunches of flowers off the branches and begin wrapping the floral tape around them, a few at a time, leaving 1/2" free of flowers.  Try to wrap as closely to the flower head as possible which will prevent them from popping up once you wrap the cuff around your wrist.
 Fill in one half of the cuff.
 Flip it around and do the other half, leaving a space in the center as large as your button/cabochon.
 Bend the cuff and if there are any sparse spots, use some hot glue to add a few more flowers, like I did on the left side of mine.
 Glue your cabochon or button, nestled in the center.  I use this E-6000 frequently, as it has a great hold once it dries [give it about 24 hours].
 For the backing, curve the cuff and add some hot glue, securing the ribbon in place.  Leave the center of ends free of glue, however, as this is where you'll punch the hole for the ribbon.
Use a hole punch to make a small hole in the center of each end for the ribbon.  Optional: you can also add a grommet if you have a grommet thing.  Add a small amount of fray check on each end of the ribbon backing and the ribbon tie and you're finished!
And there's no need to wait for that special occasion to wear this.  I love it with a pair of jeans and t-shirt.
So, go ahead and celebrate you, any day you want!


  1. Oh I love love love love love this! SO much better than a normal corsage!!! I wish I had this when I was going to prom!

  2. That is such a beautiful and unique bracelet/corsage! You create & design such lovely things.

  3. Cute cuff but I was more exciting to see the measuring tape and all the fun orange things! Looks like you succeeded on bringing orange into your work space :) it is such a cheerful and bright color, slightly misunderstood by the general public but it makes me love it even more! Looking great!

  4. These are so different (in a good way) and really lovely. And the plastic packaging....you are genuis.

  5. I like the cuff, but I am in LOVE with the headband you're wearing! Did you make it? If so, can you show me how??

  6. Oh Katy, I just wanted to stop by and say I'm loving all your recent orangeness. Can't believe that bird in your car! My girls would have squealed and insisted they keep him/her/it for a pet. Probably best that it happened to your family and not mine, then. Happy spring!

  7. Jessica--I know, right?

    Nancy--why thank you, you've got me blushing :)

    designsbysara--I agree, I walk into the studio and it's instant cheerfulness!

    elizabeth--I wanted something flexible, but durable, so I used garbage! ;)

    Christie--you're always so kind, thank you.

    Odd Dotty--just click on that link in the post for "ruched headband tutorial" and voila! I've shown you how!

    LiEr--long time no talk! thanks. no doubt my girls would have loved to have it as a pet, but I don't think that crossed their mind until I opened the back to let it out.

  8. Katy,

    THis is so original and beautiful. I have seen those little flowers at Hobby Lobby and have always loved them. Now I know what to do with them!

    Thank you for being apart of the series!

  9. Oh. Hi. Sometimes I get a little too excited and distracted by photos and don't actually reeead the post. Ha! Thanks for patiently pointing the tute out for me. And here's where I skip away to happily make some rouched headbands! :)

  10. Delia--I've been so impressed by your projects, even considering making my own lip gloss! You girls look like you're having fun. :)

    Odd Dotty--glad to help!

  11. Katy, aren't you glad I taught you everything I know about wrist corsages?! (of course you were always better at them than I, that's why I had you make them) xoxo Dad

  12. so marvelous! i have a wedding to go to at the end of the month...this will be perfect for my dress!

  13. Oh i love that!!!
    Never thought about such a sturdy corsage..
    Thanks for sharing.

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