02 May 2011

5 Words, plus a few more

in New York!
Don't we look like movie stars?  ;)  As many times as we've been to New York, we've never taken those double decker tour buses.  I think we might have been the only English speakers, because as many times as the tour guide told people not to stand up so they wouldn't get hit by the street signs [which were about 3" away from us!], they would stand up to take photos over and over.
This was a last minute meeting in New York, Ryan coming from a business trip in Rhode Island, I from our land of home where we were cheerfully greeted by all the spring flowers in the city!
I thought I wore very sensible shoes-flat boots.  Someone always buys a new pair of shoes when we go, this time it was my turn, just some grey suede saucony tennies, but boy, were they like a bear hug on my feet!
This morning my mother-in-law [aka Prospect] asked if I made any fun purchases.  I told her there were a few, but I packed a backpack and didn't need any additional luggage on the way home=not much purchased.  She took my pulse upon hearing I didn't buy even a quarter yard of fabric.
Ryan gallantly trying to hail a taxi so we could make our Gotham Bar and Grill reservations, which he did not and which we did not. [although we were able to slip in the next day to enjoy some risotto and sweet pea ravioli and blood orange sorbet...mmm]
Ryan and I talked a lot about our baby dills while gone--we had thoughts come to us on what each of those girls needs from us as we were there, and each one is different.  While one might just need more hugs from our arms, another needs our ears to listen, and another just needs the joy in our facial expressions when she tells us her baby dill tales.
Could this woman have coordinated with her taxi any better?

I felt like we came back with more of a potential to be better parents.  Hope was infused in me as this Parenting Thing feels more like the flailing of limbs and great amounts of splashing in a pool of water instead of a beautiful breaststroke of grace, ease, and barely the sound of water.  I'm aiming for somewhere in between.
This trip around we make it out to Brooklyn and stopped at El Almacen, an Argentinian restaurant where we had fish tacos and avocado fries!  Highly recommend. 
We teased each other, like we had no kids, slept in, stayed up late, took our time at restaurants, rushed everywhere else, and only had to find restrooms for ourselves.  
I really do love New York.  
But it wouldn't be nearly as pleasurable without my love with me or knowing who I had waiting for me at home.

ps You didn't think these were the only photos did you?  I have a few more.  Maybe tomorrow?  I'm also making progress on my Never Enough Orange [NEO] Sewing Studio that needs to be shared with you, because there's an awful exciting giveaway that is nestled in with it!


  1. Total movie stars, loving those sunglasses, very coco chanel- makes me wish I could go to new york sometime soon :)

  2. Monica took me to Gotham Bar and Grill for my birthday! Next time you are in town, it would be fun for all of us to meet up!

  3. LOVED your photos and your words. We plan on taking you up on your offer to join you next time!

  4. Oh NY! Looks so fun. Can't wait to hear more.

  5. You are slowly converting me to become a New Yorker!!!! I could even get me an outfit to match the cabs.

  6. Madsta-One day, one day, right?

    Emily-I know! I wish I would have thought of that sooner. Plus then you could have held our reservations ;) I was hoping we would happen upon your family at church.

    Ann-The more the merrier!

    Mom-I think we'll hire you next time as our official navigator.

    Prospect-How can I speed things up? :)

  7. What a fun trip! I love New York too! Love Love Love it!

  8. You were literally 15 minutes from my Mom and Dad and my childhood home. Please tell me you said hello to the city for me. I miss the big apple. Your pictures were grand!

  9. I never have been to NY. Always wanted too though... and wanting even more now ;-) thanks for the beautiful visit!

  10. You two do look like movie stars : )
    (That yellow jacket lady is funny!)

  11. I found your blog through your sister Jordan, and your sewing is amazing! You were in my ward on Sunday-- you introduced yourself during RS, and I meant to say hi, but didn't get a chance. I'm glad you had a nice time here.

  12. I'm so glad you had a great time! I love NYC! Great photos.

  13. Julia-I wish you had said hi, too! How do you know Jordan?

  14. I LOVE it too! A little time away gives you some perspective and brings your definition of love and family into sharp relief x


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