14 April 2011

never enough orange!

Thank you for your words yesterday.  
Seems we all struggle at times, 
and hearing it from others helps to know we're not alone
 in overcoming our shortcomings.

* * *
On a happier note!
  We live in a small house.
  That's not the happier note, but 
I'm getting to it.  I always looked longingly
 at blogs whose seamstresses had their own
 space: spread out and make a mess, and don't vacuum
 threads, fold up patterns and tuck away fabric every night if 
you don't want to!  I didn't think that was a possibility for me,
 until a couple weeks ago Ryan suggested to turn the art room
 into a studio for me!  We had high hopes of the baby dills spending
 hours and hours creating away in that bright, beautiful, sunlit room.
  But if you're a mom, you know that the kids go wherever you are
...the shower, the water closet, hiding under a bed for some
 peace a quiet.  So, the transformation has begun.  The 
desk and table have been set up, and much 
sewing has already taken place, 
but now the fun begins:
Orange will preside, 
as I begin the decorating, 
and the adding of little touches.
As I complete my projects I will share 
tutorials on some fun little ways to add a 
personal touch to your sewing area, big or small.
  Of course you may choose the hue of your hankering,
but you'll be seeing an awful lot of orange around these
 parts.  If you come across something orange that might
 be calling my name, for Sam's sake, give me a holler!
  My hands have been at it with spray paint.  The 
untrained eye might mistake them for a
 botched tan-in-a-bottle job, 
but you and I know better.
  Much better.


  1. You very much deserve a bigger space!! Can't to see what orange ambient you create!

  2. How wonderful! Your own sewing room! I'm still taking up living room space when I pull out the Viking. But you...oh, you lucky little duck! Slightly jealous, but super happy for you.

  3. I can't even imagine the gorgeous creations you'll make with your own sewing studio! :) Congrats on getting your own space!

  4. This is almost more exciting than "Once Upon a Thread"! With your creativity on the loose, my creativity can not even imagine what will be in store! Orange! Have fun.

  5. Since we had a preview of your color scheming, we have been on the lookout for all things orange. Found something for you at Southern Seasons this week...

  6. That's funny to hear you say the kids go where ever you are. SO TRUE! My little shadows go everywhere with me. And currently my sewing room is the coffee table after the kids are asleep

  7. Lucky girls, all six of you. What better than to make a space that accommodates everyones' creativity?

  8. That is so exciting! Can't wait to see what you create next.

    I'm way more than slightly jealous since I also have to hide my projects from 1 "helpful" toddler and 5 curious cats. I spend more time getting out and putting away than I do actually working!

  9. Good for you that you'll have your own space. I had a craft room in our first house until I had our first baby. Now, I use the extra bedroom, but that will end when our third is born this fall. So I know the feeling. I'll have to take what I can get.

    I can't wait to see how you decorate your space!

  10. So excited for you! I think your love of orange is wearing off on me. I haven't dived into it but I'm not avoiding it or writing it off immediately. :)

  11. oh yes, i love me some orange too:) i have to make myself stop or else every room in the house would be orange. i have even taken orange outside by painting our front doors orange. the hubby thought i was joking til he came home one day. silly him, of course i wasn't joking...not when it comes to orange! can't wait to see whatcha come up with!

  12. Orange is wonderful. Apparently not very well loved though! Anyhow, you really should check out HOW ABOUT ORANGE: http://howaboutorange.blogspot.com/. She has some really fun ideas in her own home for incorporating orange. You'll have to search her posts for ideas. Search for her rooms, check out her fabric, and she has lots of orange accessories in her posts.

  13. Hope you enjoy your space. I don't have a studio per say but I'm set up in the guest room and do very much enjoy not cleaning up.

  14. Yeah!! How awesome! I, too pack up nightly. :(

  15. How exciting for you!! I can't wait to start seeing peeks!!! I'm in the process of redecoration....my whole house....so I've been scouring the web endless amount of hours!!! I ran across this cool project and book marked it in case I wanted to attempt it *giggle* but I think it's right up your alley!!! Hope it give you a little inspiration!!!



  16. Yay for you! Can't wait to see you transform your space :)

  17. Congrats on the new space!! I'm excited to see how you develop it...I love your themed entries, so interesting!

  18. We have a small house too, and my hubby finally agreed to a space for my studio (I think he was tired of scraps and threads all over the house!). I just finished fixing it up, and I LOVE having a place all my own to sew!!! So excited for you...you deserve a pretty, inspiring place to create. Can't wait to see how it turns out!!

  19. Oh this is exciting. I am starting to organize my small space, and I will definitely need some decorating inspiration. So excited!

  20. That is fantastic news! Your own space! You'll make even more fantastic stuffs! I can't wait

  21. Oh boy!! Think of all the fun your going to have!

  22. My baby girl's favorite color is orange. It was my least favorite color until she started loving it. Now I see the beauty in orange. Hobby lobby has a section of summer entertaining things and a whole section that is just orange. It is her favorite part of the store.

  23. what an amazing hubster you must have to suggest that! LOVE IT!

  24. If anyone deserves a "Room of ones own" its YOU!

  25. At I am Momma-Hear me Roar this morning, I was looking through the fabric from her new sponsor and saw a collection that reminded me of this post. It is called Daydream...http://www.skyerevefabrics.com/collections/daydream?Page=1&Items=12

    They call it tomato, melon, and caramel, but to me (an orange novice) they look orange-y, plus the flowers are just cute.

  26. I just bought that fish. It is pretty cool. It lights up in the bathtub! Our boys love it.


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