13 April 2011


Ever been called out?  Someone calling you on something you've done or something else you haven't?  It's a little pride pricker.  I was called out on something this week that made me tail tuck and ponder.  I do my best pondering while I'm cleaning or when I ought to be sleeping.  In this case it was scrubbing the baseboards in the kitchen, which I thought was relatively clean and rather embarrassed to get down on my hands and knees to see what-in-the-world-is-this type of splatters and spots.
first cosmos of the season!
Humbling is what it is for it to take another person to point out a shortfall.  Pick your metaphor: full plates, wheels spinning, balls juggling.  I prefer juggling.  Ever feel like you've got about 13 balls in the air, and you think you're doing a not so bad kind of job keeping the crowds amused with your "act", only to find out all the balls, except maybe 1 or 2, have fallen with a thud to the dusty earth?  You don't notice that you're just going through the motions of a not so well oiled act.  I have been so focused on so many things that I wasn't, in fact, focused on anything, just kind of stumbling sloppily through each day and the demands of those around me.

It's not the most graceful way to be humbled.  But sometimes that's the only way it can happen with our blaring self blindness.  After this moment I went out and found these amaryllis quietly blooming in the reject garden, where we plant things simply because they're still alive, but don't want anyone seeing because they might never have a hope of doing anything spectacular.  Sometimes blooming quietly is the best way to do it, moments that are never seen by anyone but you, perhaps a child or spouse, and always God.


  1. Katy, your write so beautifully. I love you dearly.

  2. Those flower photos are just beautiful. Thanks for your the constant inspirational tune you play.

  3. Oh, your post spoke volumes to me today. I'm sorry you feel like you've dropped a few balls. It takes a lot of strength to step back and be objective about these things. You are so generous to us (your readers) with your time, energy and creativity and it is so appreciated. Go easy on yourself:)

  4. It's always in the failings that I find an accurate picture of myself... no, I can't do it all. No, shorting myself on sleep isn't the answer. No, I can't be all to everyone. What I AM supposed to be is a proud, active participant in my family FIRST. (This is what goes by the wayside every time I come up with a newfangled project)

    Thanks for this endearing post today, Katy. Someone with as many talents as you have will no doubt feel pulled in multiple directions... but it's refreshing to know that you hear that Still, Small Voice that leads you in the right direction.

  5. Thank you for speaking to that same thing we discussed in Bible study yesterday. Those plates spinning, trying to keep each one going. What a beautiful heart felt post.

  6. I made a huge (really huge) mistake a few weeks ago....I forgot something that I said I'd do....and a whole bunch of people were counting on me for. I felt awful and beat myself up for days about it. I think the point for me was learn from it, pick up the pieces and then move on.

  7. what a beautiful reminder and a gracious way to receive it. i am working on being deliberate and prayerful when making my daily 'to do' list- and then not letting myself be distracted by mindless tasks, only lovely moments.

  8. It is more than serendipitous that I read your post this morning. I was lamenting not having "laugh with my children" and "sit down and breathe" on my "to-do" list nore often. Thank goodness God knows our hearts and our weaknesses and reminds us where to focus.

  9. Beautiful post and a timely reminder.

    Here's a verse I stumbled across in McGuffey's Primer reader that I think I need plastered to my forehead (and of which your post reminded me of):
    Work while you work,
    Play while you play;
    One thing each time,
    That is the way.

    All that you do,
    Do with your might;
    Things done by halves,
    Are not done right. (Ouch! that last line is a zinger!)

    From a fellow juggler :),

  10. Something must be in the air. I had a little "I'm the worse mom/wife" breakdown this week - the night before a news crew was coming to film me *do it all*.. I felt like a failure and a fraud.

    But you know, we're human & we are hard on ourselves. Many people don't juggle as many balls so there's may not fall as often. But we do the best we can, and that's all we can do..

  11. So true--always God!
    Blessings Katy.

  12. It is humbling to have someone or something point out a fault when we are already so overwhelmed with life sometimes. Thank you for your generosity in sharing all your creativity even when you're juggling. Give those sweet Baby Dills a squeeze and remember that as long as they are healthy and loved, the most important balls are still in the air.


    P.S. I loved Once Upon a Thread, but I'm happy you're back. I missed your lovely posts.

  13. Loved your thoughts today. Thanks for sharing. We need to talk.

  14. I almost commented yesterday on this, but held my tongue and thought about it overnight first. I just want to say please do not be too hard in yourself. Coming from someone who has been judged harshly in the past by those I chose to keep company with at the time, remember when someone is pointing a finger at you, there are three fingers pointing back at themselves. We are all just human, and doing the best we can to be sure. I have to remind myself when I am busy judging others to STOP, after all - I usually have a plank in my own eye while I am focusing on the splinter in the others.

    It is hard and humbling to hear it, and we never like it, but you learn, pick up, and try to do better.

    But please do not let someone else's harsh words bring you down. Yu are loved, special, and cherished in God's eyes - and He has given you many gifts that you choose to share with the world. You are blessed beyond words with 5 beautiful children, a wonderful husband, and family and friends galore.

    The most important balls are usually still in the air, sometimes it is okay to let the smaller ones fall. Sometimes it is meant for someone else to pick them up.

    Thank you for opening your heart to us, as always.

    pS - sorry about any typo issues, lol, on vacation this week, and iPad is dang tough to type on!! Lol

  15. Thank you Katy for sharing.
    You and your's are in our prayers, daily.

  16. Hi Katy. Just to let you know . . . in the rush before market to get my first two patterns out, I haven't even touched laundry this week. We're all going to be sitting around in our underwear. Good thing we live on a farm.

  17. Whew! I was beginning to wonder if you were really human. What a relief.

    The only perfectly oiled machines we care to see on your blog are of the sewing variety, ok?


    ps. did you ever sew DT's mallet covers for him? personally, i'd enjoy seeing some of the unusual sewing projects your readers have undertaken like, well, croquet mallet cozies.

  18. Katy, I've been in awe of you since I began reading your blog over 3 months ago. Its amazing that you do ALL that you do! Sometimes we just have to roll with life when it shows up. Expections need to be kept in check and remember that we are here in life to help others, love our children and leave a positive mark on the earth and the people. Woman, you have by far done that! :) Remember its okay to not be perfect at everything and it helps me to sometimes say "no" even if its hard to do.

  19. Dear Katy, I think you're quite impressive, even in admitting your difficulties! Erring proves our humanity; acknowledging these errors and desiring to make things right prove our integrity! And, you lady, you absolutely ooze integrity! "Chin up young person!" (That's a line from a movie -- don't remember which one -- but it's one of my mantras now! Many blessings to you! ~Holly

  20. This post was a saddening one...I sincerely hope that you'll be able to work things through, and have a much lighter heart, soon.
    Keep on keeping on.

    You're a wonderful Creation from the best Creator of all. :-)

  21. Katy.... Honestly? Who pointed out that your baseboards were not clean???? Family? Friend? Visitor? For Heaven's SAKE!!!! You have FIVE children...a garden...a home...a successful blog..... and dirty baseboards? Wow. I remember my sister telling me that someone once walked into her kitchen, opened her oven door and said "I see it's been a while since you cleaned your oven." She was never invited back.... hang in there, wonderful, giving, creative woman! You are the B*E*S*T!!!!

  22. I have two boys, two nursing jobs and a 100 year old house that always needs something fixed. As long as you take the time each day to appreciate the wonderful people you have in your life everyday, everything else can wait. I get so caught up in trying to get everything "done", that I forget it will never be done. There will always be another load of laundry another, another dusty baseboard, and a bathroom to clean, but I will never get this day with my wonderful 10 and 12 year old boys back again. Everything else can wait. I love your blog and wish I could send you some orange flowers from my garden.


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