22 March 2011

Giveaway Winners

Before we go on with our Once Upon a Thread posts, I need to announce a couple of giveaway winners!  

The winner of the $30 Sew, Mama, Sew! gift certificate is:

pb said...

i'm really getting into the fiber arts and am loving 
so much exposure to great spots online and 
awesome projects to craft!
thanks for the chance to win :)

pb-This will help you get into fiber arts a little bit deeper! ;)

and the winner of the fun bundle from The Little Fox shop is:

and the
Nicole said...

I once read a book
and my heart it shook
there was no other way to describe it.
So I then read another
only there to discover
that I never wanted to quit.

Nicole-Carry on with your reading and enjoy these fun prints!

Tune in later today for another children's literature inspired project from the Once Upon a Thread Series!

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