12 January 2011

What I've Learned

*afm photography
33 years today, this sister of mine, just 18 months my senior.  See the resemblance?  Our kids sometimes confuse us, which is one of the funniest things on this earth to me.   Jordan makes things happen, good things happen, like the time she had the notion to go to Ireland one summer pre-goochkins.  She didn't know anyone, what she was going to do, or where she was going to stay [but at least she kind of knew the language.]  But, she figured it out and now has a tale to tell.  I include a photo of the whole family, because, while they don't define her, they certainly add to who she is.  She has these souls, all so unique, and she helps them make good things happen.  One day we will have apiaries next to each other and we will compare our honeys and queens.  One day we will be close enough to swap threads.  One day I will help mend her children's clothes while she helps my children with their essays for school.  Because making good things happen is what she's taught me.  Love you so, Jo.


  1. Happy Birthday to Jordan! How special for you to have such beautiful sisters in your life. One of the things I am most excited about giving to my girls. :)

  2. I'm newish (not to be mistaken for Jewish, which I'm not) here, but I like it! I also like people, like Jordan, who make things happen. Can I be your neighbor, too? Pretty please? With a cherry on top? My seester in law Rebekah is pretty rad, too. We could bring drama to the equation. Do you need any more drama? No? Feel free to get back to me on that one;)

  3. Lisa-a beautiful gift, indeed!

    kelly-oh! definitely, DEFINITELY! please be our neighbors! bring on the drama [and I'm sure you could help with some comedic relief as well.]

    oh, and my best friend as a little girl was Jewish, but I also like Newish people, too.

  4. I love all of you. Katy, I cannot wait to compare our Honey and Queens! Thank you for the birthday words. And Kelly, I think you should follow your Rebekah to the ends of the earth (or at least to Durham).


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