11 January 2011

Good Morning.

the sleepOVER

3 batches of popcorn, and I completely forgot beverage!  I know!  So not like me.  We watched Flicka, maybe a bit too intense for my sensitive little dills, with the mountain lion attacking the horse and all.  Olive cried!  Our little tender girl.  She denied it, but those little sobs, I pulled her close and she snuggled right up.  Pearl just kept checking in with me about what was real and what wasn't.  She's always been that way.  Divine just sat in silence...like her mom.  No questions.  Just give her some popcorn and she's good.

Sleeping was a different matter.  We all snuggled down.  Olive was the first to fall asleep.  She sleeps just like she lives: full of passion.  There were flailing limbs, lots of repositioning.  I would scoot away 2 inches, and Olive would scoot closer 2 inches.  Divine was next and she fell asleep in the exact position she laid down.  Then there was Pearl.  She tossed and turned.  At one point she got her face really close to mine.  Sometimes I think that time in Korea and Japan rubbed off on her as she doesn't have that sense of personal space most Americans do.  I could tell her mind was processing the information of the day and it wasn't until she did that that she could finally fall asleep.  I was last--just like all those grade school sleepovers.  Finally at 11 I called my mom to ask if she could come get me so I could sleep in my own bed.  Proverbially speaking, that is, since they were in my bed, and my mom is currently celebrating their 35th anniversary, several states away.  I shimmied out of the sleeping bodies and took up slumber in another bed.

In the morning, I got back in bed with them and we held a brief scripture study and got them off to school.  

It was worth the lack of sleep, mine, that is.


  1. on a serious note, girls with moms like you grow up to be good women and mothers. they will cherish these years with you.

  2. That is just so sweet and something they will remember for years to come.

  3. It doesn't get any better than that!

  4. I wanna come live with you! So sweet. XOXO

  5. Oh,this is incredibly cute.

  6. What a wonderful thing to do with your girls! I agree with those above - they will cherish the memory.

  7. I just realized we could be like sisters! Since my parents are celebrating their 35th Anniversary as well this week!
    Being the youngest of 9, there is a big gap between the oldest and me...but i love my family.

    I love always loved sleeping with my 5 sisters when I was your girls age.

    they are all so darling! :)

  8. And where was papa dill in all this commotion? Fun, I think we'll join the party.

  9. I used to love having sleep overs with my girls and even now (nearly 13 and 16) when hubs is away on business or something we will camp out in the living room with goodies and a movie. (altho I am normally the first one asleep)

    Looks like you had an excellent Christmas with your family. Your 4 sisters photo makes me wish that my sister and I had a photo of us expecting together as our 2nd children were 6 weeks apart.

  10. can't wait for such girl time with Emory and future babes.
    Leland and daddy are having a boys night on friday- complete with the Dangerous Book for Boys, blanket tents and sleeping bags.
    i love how similar and yet unique your girls all look:O)
    and you are most welcome for the Christmas card!


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