02 November 2010

I'm a [w]rapper

Today I am over at Me Making Do with a tutorial on how to make these quick and easy Paper Twine Flowers.

Because I'm a wrapper.  
Sorry gift-baggers.  
Call me old fashioned or non-green or whatever.
I swoon over rolls of pretty paper and spools of sashaying ribbon and oodles of happy tape.
I am a sucker for it all.
That was me be sucked in, trying to take you with me.
Check out the tutorial


  1. I'm a wrapper too, but around here no one but me (and my family) wraps presents anymore. It's so sad!

  2. I got sucked in too ;-) I also am a wrapper. loove to wrap! and looove these pretty flowers!

  3. When I got married, I told my husband I did not accept gifts that were unwrapped, LOL.

  4. I'm a wrapper at heart but I'm a horrible procrastinator so I often wind up being a dollar-store-bag-purchased-on-the-way-over -er. lol. But at Christmas time I like to coordinate my presents and make bows and put on candy canes and stuff! :D The only problem is when a gang of three year old finds your wrapping supplies and eats all your candycanes.

  5. Oh how clever - thanks for sharing

  6. I totally identify. I LOVE to creatively wrap too! I love it at Xmas time everyone swoons over my lovely wrapped present are don't WANT to open it 'cause it's do dang pretty. I'm definitely adding these gems to my wrapping repertoire! Thanks for the share!

  7. im the same way! most of my gifts are better on the outside then whats on the inside:) can't wait to check out the tute, thanks!

  8. Thank you for the wonderful idea! I'm completely inlove... Just need to find some paper twine...

    Could you please make some more wrapping tutorials? Cause I love wrapping but I suck in it :(


  9. Those are beautiful! They add just the perfect touch to all those pretty packages.


  10. i guess i didn't realize there was a rival between the wrappers and the giftbaggers. :)

    when ben and i were dating i confessed i thought wrapping was really one of my greatest talents.

    true or not it is still at least one of my favorite pastimes for SURE. so i suppose i should invest in some paper twine...

  11. Katy! I'm so excited to see this post. I love paper twine, I remember my mom using it for crafts when I was younger and I had so much fun untwisting it. I have a stock of paper twine from paper bag handles that I've kept over the years. I could never think of what to do with them, but now I know!

  12. oooo. so pretty. absolutely gorgeous!

  13. Oh, I'm a wrapper for sure. Love your little notes on the flowers!

  14. One of those projects where I smack myself and say "Why didn't I think of that?!"
    ....I love paper twine and I REALLY love paper flowers. What a great idea, and what a great blog btw...just stumbled in via MMD...feel like I'm going to be searching your archive for a while!


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