03 November 2010


This is my oldest sister, Ashley.  Do you love her tights, or what?  As the oldest, Ashley was always rallying the troops and coordinating events.  She is the most reliable, dependable person I know, which is unusual for an artist.  She is celebrating her birthday this week and the family tradition is to say something nice about the birthday person after dinner.  Sadly, she is much too far away to dine with, so I give tribute to her here.  If everyone in the world knew Ashley, I think the world just might be a perfect place.

Gove your Luts, Shlee.

ps hope you like my completely impractical gift, because even you need a little impracticality in your life.


  1. and i'm sure you wrapped it divinely :O)
    Happy Day Ashley!

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  3. I hope my boys speak praises to each other in Runny Babbit talk someday! One of our bavorite fooks...

  4. Change of subject-your blog header- isn't that place AllSaints Spitalfields so neat!!! We found the one in NYC; it was like a diamond in the rough- the neatest thing I ever saw!

  5. Happy day, Ashley! Beautiful tribute, Katy.

  6. Happy Homemaker And Momma-YES! Isn't that the most fantastic decor?


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