09 September 2010

You asked for it!

You liked the skirt and wanted the headband to match!!  
Of course!  

What you'll need:
Bias strips of 2" and 1" 
[a couple yards of each]
Wool Felt
Glue Gun
Foam Pad [or a large clean sponge, or an ironing board if you are careful and precise with your glue gun ;) ]

Two is always more fun than one, so the saying goes.  I doubled the layers of bias, putting the 1" over the 2" piece.  Stitch down the middle with a basting stitch.  Once you come to the end of your bias strip, over lap another two pieces before you stitch off the end.  Gather as much or as little as desired, or use a ruffle foot to gather as you stitch.

Place wool down on foam pad [I used a piece of 100% wool and washed it to felt it a bit, but you can use regular felt as well.]  Tuck bias end under, and start pinning the bias ruffle in a figure 8 pattern, or just make up your own pattern as you go along,

until you are pleased with the shape and size.

Lift the edge up and begin gluing and removing the pins, section by section until everything is secure.  Go ahead and tug on different portions to make sure everything is tight!

Cut the wool to the shape of the design, making sure to cut it slightly smaller so no wool shows on the other side.

Cut a strip of wool where the ruffle piece will be touching the headband, and make a headband sandwich, gluing both wool pieces onto the headband, pinching to make it flat while the glue cools.

Dramatic and el-ay-gont, no?!

Don't forget to post your photos here or link to your post here to be entered into another giveaway.  I know, so many things to do!
[but it will be worth it!]


  1. I'm getting married soon so I'm looking through a wedding lens, but this would be such a pretty bridal hairpiece!


  2. Will you judge me if I make that for me and not for my daughter? Because I want that and I don't want to share. It's gorgeous.

  3. @Tara--Done in the right fabrics, it would be perfect for a bridal piece!
    @ Jade--Ha! No, I won't judge as I believe everyone needs a "Ruffled Up" on her head.

  4. I love the headband. I want one for me and my daughter. Thanks for the tutorial. I found your blog through Happy Together. I will definitely be back.


  5. I don't have daughters, I have sons, but they think their Mom should have this! She will have to make it!

  6. please please pretty please make these for your etsy shop! I am not handy enough with a sewing machine yet to make one for myself but I am totally in LOVE!!

  7. Absolutely cute... my nieces will get one for Xmas. Thanks for sharing

  8. i LOVE that!!!! thanks so much for sharing!!!!

  9. So beautiful! And I love it with the smooth hairstyle!

  10. So cute! I love it. Love it. LOVE IT!

  11. This is beautiful! I'll be featuring it on my blog on October 14th (I know, kind of a ways off!)


  12. OOOOOOOO-I love this!!! Thank you so much for sharing the how to!!! This is beautiful!!

  13. Trying it...loving it!

  14. Whew-wee! That is so cool! I love the look.


  15. That is so beautiful and elegant and you make it look so easy! Looks just like those little hats the ladies used to wear in days gone by. :) Too bad I don't sew. <3

  16. Oh lala! This is so beautiful! I can't wait to try on my little “Cyiana”, she loves hair accessories so much. Thanks for sharing. :)

  17. I'm not a very strong sewer, but I love this headband. Can I sew this comfortably without a sewing machine?

  18. Chloe Bee-Certainly! You could do a basting stitch by hand to gather it and the rest you don't need a sewing machine.

  19. Lovely!!! We will definitely be making more than one. With seven daughters we have to have enough to share!

  20. You madame are talented!!!! This is practically perfect in every way!

  21. Wow this looks awesome! I'm going to a friends wedding soon and this would be the finishing touch to my outfit. If only I had enough time! Fingers crossed.


  22. THANK YOU for such a prompt link to this tute as well!!!!! I have passed your blog onto my niece who is about to have her baby #5 - she already has three girls and a boy - all under 7... She might need some Me Time at some stage...
    Hugs Jasmine in Oz


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