23 September 2010

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Sewing for...

More sewing!!

I was so focused on what I had scheduled for September Sewing Celebration that I haven't been participating in Meg's kids clothes week challenge, over at elsiemarley.  What?!  That's like the kind of homework where your teacher says, "go home and all I want you to do is read this phenomenal book that will enrapture you from page one until you close the back cover so that you stay up reading all night snuggled on the couch with a blanket, popcorn, and cold beverage."

So, I'm late to the game, but I got busy last night and made this little knit number for Olive.  Even though it's the autumnal equinox this very day, we're still hovering around 90 degrees, so she can wear this as-is for a while, or pair it with some leggings and a sweater when it is cold cooler.

This morning Divine accused me of waking them up really early.

And it did seem awfully early, but I assured her it was the sun who slept in.

We all wanted to crawl back into bed.  But they had to go off to school to fill their brains with knowledge,

and I still have sewing to do!!

What about you?  Has National Sewing Month inspired you to press seams, press a foot on the pedal, or pull out a presser foot or two?


  1. ooo. i love it. The buttons on the side are perfect!

  2. Thats cute. I like the buttons on the side.

  3. What a fun dress! I decided to join in on the kids clothes challenge. It's totally new to me sewing clothes though. I usually sew little things so this is really stretching and improving me skills.

  4. I love this dress- especially the buttons. Did you use a pattern or make one up?

  5. would you believe i've never made anything (garment) besides costumes for my kids?
    i'm scared, i tell ya!
    really want to jump into kcwc but no patterns and no plan makes me nervous.
    in the 90's here in so IL too. come on fall breeze!

  6. I will take 90 degrees any day over the freezing temps we had here every month of the summer! What I mean by that is, it froze, at night, May, June, July, August, September. In fact, we got a hard frost the end of August. So, please, bring on the 90's!

  7. Oh, I love it! Love the neckline and all that detail:)

  8. I love this!! I think I've been doing the KCWC thing wrong... am I supposed to be posting things as I make them? I was going to put it in one post at the end, but everyone else seems to be posting as they go. Doesn't really matter, I've only completed one thing, still working on the second. I'm glad you jumped in!

  9. Very cute!

    I've been working on pajamas. It has been a challenge for me, alright!

  10. i love this! i love sewing with knits. and stripes. perfect combo!

  11. I have a blog award for you. Stop by my blog to receive it.


  12. Emily--it came from one of my Japanese pattern books.

    Elise--You've got the skill. Make the leap. You're welcome.

    Jenny--I don't think there are many rules for the KCWC. Post it, baby!

  13. Love the dress!
    I have been so inspired this month, broken arm has kept me from sewing. I do have a great sketchbook filled, in my head, once I can sew again.

  14. Katy, I finally got the C(love)r dress on Anais and did her mini photo shoot. I blogged it as well as tagged you on flickr. The dress is amazing. Thank you again for selling it.

  15. Very cute! And yes, I'm all about the sewing right now, although it's all about the teaching my daughter to sew. Which somehow actually equates to me sewing very little, go figure.


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