16 September 2010

Time Flies

Can you believe September Sewing Celebration is already half over?  I cannot.  It makes me sad to think about, but excited about what the rest of the month has in store!  I've just been to Hobby Lobby [where I love to shop because they are closed on Sunday and play funny elevator-esque versions of songs I actually know and pepped up versions of hymns.]  I was there buying thread because I have emptied so many spools this month!  Clover came with me and was a delightful companion, giving me kisses on demand in the middle of the embroidery aisle, beading aisle, and notion section.  

I have another giveaway [or two!] later today, but thought maybe I ought to recap what's been going on thus far.  Ryan and I always love to recap any event we experience.  I like a good recap.

Enter the giveaway for a beautiful pair of 8" dressmaker knife edge shears,

or the new Oliver + S School Photo Dress Pattern.


Your choice of one of Jessica's fun clothing or toy patterns from Happy Together [2 winners on this one!]

Also, I have enjoyed seeing you work on some of the tutorials!  

Jackie made A Very Biased Skirt with some feminine and soft colors and Emillee an all white version.  Great job!  Keep posting your projects to a big dill flickr group, and link to something new you've tried within the sewing realm this month here, both of those automatically enter you into a giveaway from me, and you can enter as many projects as you'd like.

Come back later today for even more giveaways:  one entry per person, all open until September Sewing Celebration comes to an end [:(].


  1. september is flyyyyyyyyying by!
    Miss Clover sounds like my Emory- the perfect shopping companion, in awe of every little notion and sweet pecks continually. with a few face pats for good measure.

    can't wait to get to work on some of these projects. finishing up a quilt today that has been a time hog.

  2. I've been sewing flags for the band's color guard. After cutting and trimming lame' my scissors (many) are TOAST. When I find the scissors sharpening guy, I will need to pay a small fortune!! You're only as good as your tools, and good scissors, I agree, are a must! Just keep sewing!

  3. My daughter is taking her first sewing class and a pair of new shears would be a perfect gift for her!

  4. I loved your blog! Hello from Brazil!

  5. You have so many fun sewing giveaways! I was curious what you would giveaway and who doesn't need a new pair of scissors or a pattern:)


  6. i need the patterns... i have 4 girls and a husband in school. oh, how fun to make fall dresses!

  7. Thanks for all the wonderful goodies you are giving away! I hope I get lucky! New scissors or patterns would be awesome!


  8. Nice giveaway! Sunny greetings from Portugal!


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