16 August 2010

Tree Top Siesta

Are they cute, or what?  
Divine wasn't sure she wanted to go back to school.  
In fact that's exactly what she tells me the night before, 
but she comes home with a smile on her face and a new friend made.

Olive can't wait to get to school.  
Everyone loves Olive, the girls say.  
She walks into school and gets swarmed and picked up and hugged.  
Our little social butterfly.

Ryan tells me that on the walk to school Pearl gives his hand two squeezes.  
He looks down at her, gives her two squeezes and a smile.  
She returns a weak smile, 
and a look in her eyes that discloses her trepidation, 
but tries to be brave, with her John Deere lunch box in hand.

The rest of us return home for an assessment of the morning: success.  Ryan is ours for the day, so we enjoy the rest of our quiet morning, and then make some homemade pizza with fresh mozzarella, asparagus, extremely red tomatoes and pesto.  Clover goes down for a nap and now we are three.  We climb up into the tree house with cold water and Boggle, barely fitting our big bodies in the child size opening.  We sit and I shake the letters in my hands because the lid has been lost.  I like to win and secretly think Ryan lets me.  Or else I'm just really good.  Yes.  I'm very good at Boggle.  Then [and this is the best part], Ryan suggests we take a nap and I declare I could never fall asleep.  We lay down anyway and Azure climbs up and down and up and down fetching an umbrella, pencils, and a cup while we sleep[!] so lovely.  

We awake just in time to retrieve the school girls.  
Smiles on their faces tell us everything, 
but of course the walk home is the perfect excuse to delight in the baby Dill minutia.


  1. Your girls are adorable!!! I just sent mine off for the first day today..

  2. what a beautiful first day...
    the girls' expressions are so telling and sweet.
    a nap in a tree house sounds like the perfect little treat.
    so glad it was a success and that we got to see it. what lovely girls :O)

  3. Tell Pearl I really like her John Deere lunch box!

  4. Sound like a perfect day! You fell asleep? Very good.

  5. SOunds like a perfect day for everyone!

  6. Sounds like the perfect day, I always enjoy when my hubs is home during the week!!

  7. WHere do you get a john deere lunch box...cause I love it! Those are some cute pictures. Glad they loved their first day back, and that you did too!

  8. Gorgeous! I bet it is still a bit sad sending them off to school. My eldest is only 2 but the thought of sending her off to school is just so foreign! I'd miss her! (Yes, I do say that now... hehe)

    I love your post about your grandfather too... such wise words!


  9. Love the uniforms...I wore one from kindergarten-12th grade and I miss it!

  10. I always LOVED the first day of school. It must be so exciting with a handful of children to see how they react individually to things like the first day of school. Fun that Ryan was home!

  11. I love the first day of school. Your girls are adorable.

  12. Did I miss something? Or was that a hint?? Or am I reading too much into it? If so then congratulations! If not.. well.. then I guess I was wrong. :)

  13. Beautiful pictures, it sounds like a most wonderful day. I find the things you say about your daughters very touching, partly because I have 4 daughters of my own and can really relate to many of the ups and downs. Our 2nd is a social butterfly too, we always say "everyone loves a Molly" and she gives our more troubled 1st born advice on how to make friends. I just reread your post about Divine time today and am wondering how that is going. We are having what seems like similar worries with our oldest have have reached the same conclusion on how to best help her, but it's hard to change how we all relate to each other. I'd love to read an update...

  14. I love hand squeezes from children while holding their hand. That is very sweet between Pearle and daddy.

  15. Your girls are so cute!!!

    I have to ask, as our oldest started school this week, how do you deal (emotionally) with your kids being seperated all day? My oldest was only awake for 2 hours after school - it breaks my heart!

  16. Sooo none of my business but do your kids go to Catholic school and are you Catholic? We are considering Catholic school for our kiddos but are not Catholic.


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