17 August 2010

Did you know it's National Women's Self Appreciation Day?

If you said yes, then you lie, because I just made that up.  But, I'm considering proposing it to Mr. Obama because I think it's a brilliant idea [if I do say so myself].  Women have such a bad habit of loving everyone except themselves.  So today, we celebrate us.  What do you love about yourself?  What do you do especially well?  What is your favorite quality about you?  

01    I make a delectable quesadilla.  It's all about the crispy, flakey exterior with just the right ratio of cheese to fillings.   

02   I have excellent posture.  Never took ballet, but perhaps it's those years of piano lessons and then harp lessons and now it's those pilates classes from our senior citizen instructor.

03   I like that I like color.  Not everyone does, I've sadly discovered.  I like that I do.

Your turn.  I can't wait to know what you love about you.


  1. One of your photos has been featured on my website. thanks for the inspiration!

  2. oops! This website:

  3. what a great idea!! we all need a day like this! me especially, lately. i'm newly pregnant: fat, broken out, tired--which makes me feel lazy. so it's a good day to remind myself that I can be awesome too. thanks for the reminder. and let us know what obama thinks :)

  4. I guess you were the only one who could write such a post trying to make us believe you don't just think about others but offering them to open their heart to you ;-)
    So, I will... I like that I can't fake or lie. People get often scared at first but once they know, they trully appreciate it and rely on my judgment/opinion.

  5. great, no fantastic, idea.

    What I love about me?

    I can build furniture and use power tools.
    I'm NOT a perfectionist.
    I read stories to my kids with really cool voices and lots of emotion.

  6. I like that I am such an emotional person - it means I really feel things, really live. I think that's imporant! Thanks for the reminder ;)

  7. I LOVE this idea! I started writing you a comment, and then decided it deserved more than that. So here's my blog post on the subject... here's hoping your idea goes VIRAL today!


  8. Mmmmm quesadillas--an underappreciated art!

    I like that
    --people get excited to eat at my house
    --I laugh a lot
    --I love to learn, and might just go back for that PhD one day

  9. I love that I can sing on key and my baby lights up when I do. It makes me feel like a rock star! :)

    I love that I can bake a mean chocolate cake!

    I love that I am a loyal friend to the end. :)

    wow that was really refreshing! I had to really think there. Wow,..I just patted myself on the back. ha ha

  10. I like that I LOVE kids. I've discovered that not all people do... and I'm VERY glad I do.

  11. I love this post!
    I love that I have curly hair.
    I love that I can sew and make really cute t-shirt refashions for really cheap.
    I love that I have a pretty positive and optimistic attitude (most of the time).

  12. I love that I can see possibilities before they happen.

  13. hehehe.
    i could tell by your teasing eyes you were up to something!

    -i'm really great with quesadillas too! yuuum.
    -i'm very empathetic. i used to hate how emotional i was but i've realized that feeling is a gift and i'd rather be feeling than have a hard heart.
    -being an encourager & looking for the positive in people comes fairly naturally for me.

    the end!

  14. -I like that I don't communicate through yelling, even though my parents did

    -I like that I found a man who brings out the best in me and makes me feel utterly loved and secure.
    -I like that instead of feeling moppy that we couldn't afford all the cute hair do-dads, tutus and slings that I wanted to decorate out girls in, that I found blogs and sites like yours to inspire and teach me how to make those things for myself!
    And you should be proud of that too ;)!

  15. I totally agree with you on the color thing... I LOVE COLOR!!!! The pics of your green counter top made me realize that when we eventually redo our kitchen I shall go for the orange (if they have any) because really you should love your kitchen.

    I love that I have 5 kids. That I am carefree enough to just up and go to the park with yogurt & no spoons, cheese slices & water bottles for an impromptu picnic with the kiddos.

    I love that while I'm not great in keeping a tidy home (working on it) I have still been able to instill that into my children...they love to clean and help out.

    I love that I love words. It is with those words I can pass on love and encouragement to others and not let a day go by that I don't let someone know just how much I care about them.

    I love that I'm crafty ;)

  16. That's hard....

    1. I love my smile. I enjoy smiling and love to see how people smile back (usually...)

    2. My cooking is really good, I especially love creating pretty dessert from simple products.

    3. I love that I enjoy small things that most people usually don't notice. A funny line in a movie or a book, a wonderful smell on the way to work, a flower in a nook, they can make my day :)

  17. Fun! I did a list on my blog:

  18. LOVE this post, Katy! So much so that I had to share it on my blog too. Great idea! Thank you!

  19. I love the colour of my eyes, a bright hazel green; I paint especially well (if I say so myself!) my favourite quality...I can make people laugh, I dont take myself too seriously;
    what a nice idea- write Mr Obama a nice email :) xxx

  20. I am a good all around cook. I can make anything--usually good the first time too.

    I am a good friend too. I have lots of them and can make them easily.

    I make really cute boys with my husband. Everyone says so too! ;)

  21. What a fun and inspiring post! And now I want a quesadilla. . . .

    I love my legs.

    I love that I can play anything on the piano (given enough time) and that my 15 month old wants to play too.

  22. Why haven't your mom or sister's posted?

    I am really good at making chocolate chip cookies. I am really good at preserving my energy for my children and husband.

  23. What a fabulous idea! Here are some things I love about me:

    -I also share your love of color, and I love that I love it and not afraid of it. What? Wear red shoes with a green top? Done. Without a thought.

    -I love that I love photography and have gotten quite good at it. I love seeing the world through a camera lens, and I love that I have the right eye to do that.

    -I love that I'm goofy and no afraid to show it. It bonds my husband and I oh so much.

    Thanks for making me think of things I love about myself. I feel all boosted!

  24. great idea!
    -I love my hair
    -I love that I can multi task well.
    -I love the fact that I have an analytical mind.

  25. I like me because I sing pretty well, I laugh really hard. I consider myself a scientist and a dancer at the same time, and I don't think twice about it. I adore color! I also like to color.

  26. You need to make me one of those famous quesadillas.

    Can you teach me how to have good posture? I struggle with that.

    I love that I love color, too.

  27. Hmm.. tough... I had to walk away from the computer to think...

    I like that I'm a quiet person..
    I like that I am stopping this comment to read my 2 yr old a story she is holding out to me and asking me to read.
    i like my daughters!

  28. I didn't have much blog time yesterday and would have loved to make my own post to spawn the viral movement, but I did think about this all day, so thank you for influencing me so!

    Yesterday, I loved myself! Yay National Women's Self Appreciation Day!

  29. Great idea. I will make it National womens self appreciation day on my blog as well!

  30. i like that i am a mother and on this holiday, i am proud to say that i believe i am a pretty darn good one. out of the mouths of babes, i have been called "delightful" and "like mary poppins." we recently spent the day with friends and upon saying our goodnights, a 16 year old whispered in my ear that i must be such an "enchanting" mother.

    the Lord made me to do this and i like myself in these shoes.

  31. I LOVE that I'm a mother of 4 wonderful kids, and hoping for more!

    I like that I know how to cook and sew, and that I developed these great skills/talents from spending lots of hours with my mom.

    I like that I have good posture too... maybe it's from the two rods in my back?

  32. I LOVE that I'm a mother of 4 wonderful kids, and hoping for more!

    I like that I know how to cook and sew, and that I developed these great skills/talents from spending lots of hours with my mom.

    I like that I have good posture too... maybe it's from the two rods in my back?

  33. What a great idea!

    I love people. That's what I love about myself:).

  34. THIS should be a week-long event!!

    I like that I love to learn.

    I like that I'm creative.

    I like that I genuinely care about people.

    -Ashley at bosssanders.com


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