31 August 2010

One More Thing.

An entire month of Sewing Celebration wouldn't be complete without a Sewing Soiree!
What is a Sewing Soiree?   
An evening where everyone brings their project of choice [sewing, knitting, crocheting, scrapbook, mending, etc.] and we all enjoy great company and good food [like here and here.]  I'm happy to help with your projects and thread your machine or just sit and get to know what makes you you.

September 17.

If you're interested in attending, email me.

Meanwhile, who is ready for September Sewing Celebration ONE-OH?!


  1. jealousy! i so wish i were in closer proximity- you know i'd be there in a second!
    we may vaca to the sunshine state next summer- i think a sewing soiree should take place then as well- man, i'm high maintenance.

  2. Oh I wish I lived nearby! That would be so much fun... have a great time!

  3. ah man I wish I could come!! Not only could I finally meet you and spend a whole evening just sewing, but I could see Claudette and walk on the beach...sigh...

  4. looks like lots of fun! wish I could be there!

  5. Oh! I want to come! Where are you?

  6. Oh MAN! I have been wanting to do something like this SO BADLY! I was just weighing in my mind last night whether people would respond to a sew-in night, if I organized on at our local Park Dist. The local fabric stores are all either chain or quilting ONLY. I don't know if there'd be enough interest in our area, though.

  7. can i be with you on-line (web camera...)
    i am way to far away but i 'd be pleased to be with you ...enjoy it ;)

  8. I wish I could join too... maybe I'll just have to host my own soiree? I can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve!


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