28 July 2010


Two posts in one day?  
I know, but I had to share some more exciting news.  
I have a handful of Charlie Brown Headbands available for purchase.
*edit: there are two left* sold
Have I told you how many compliments I get when I wear this particular one?
Lots.  Young and old.
Have I also told you how I have this bad habit of losing things?  This week it's my sewing scissors [!-I know!] and my ipod [sounds suspicious-all these shiny things disappearing].  I've offered a reward of $5, but nobody has been able to be a good Sherlock.  I might have to up the ante.  [I've always wanted to say that, especially since I don't gamble]. 


  1. Too funny! I just offered a $10 reward for a missing camera lens...completely convinced that little hands had wandered off with it...
    Bad mommy. Found it under the back seat of the van. :0(
    (but i earned myself $10, spent on McFrappes)

  2. I love that headband! very cute! My husband couldnt find his car keys this morning....we looked everywhere and finally found them in the toy box! Next time thats the first place we will look for sure! Little hands love shiny things. Hopefully they arent playing with scissors though...ouch!

  3. ROFL... I am convinced that its w/each baby we loose some of our Memory cells or something cause for me I am always losing stuff! BUT I am a bit lucky because I have the BEST Sherlock EVER my oldest son.. Its so funny I could be looking for something for hrs.(Yes it drives me that nuts that I wouldn't stop)Then my son shows up and says Mama what are you doing? what did you lose now.. I tell him and less them 10 mins. later he finds it?? I tell him OK you must be the one hiding my things cause HOW do you do it he always just laughs at me :)

  4. The headbands are all gone. :( I'm guessing they didn't last long at all


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