22 July 2010

Signs and Braids

We are beyond thrilled [is that even possible?] to have my parents here for a few days.
We gussied up a bit, and made some signage, of course.
Then they gussied up grompa, too.
It's been 2 years since they've seen Azure and Clover.  They brought some swatchees with them for grompa's project he's working on [click and scroll down to see it--I want one, except I have 5 girls, not 2....]  All my girlie girls helped organize the pile of pink swatchees.  Some on top of grompa's head.  They're in love.


  1. So sweet! Love the braids. Enjoy your time together.

  2. YAY KATY! We're going to have Aaron's parents come in two months and it's all I can do to try and keep my feet on the ground. Have fun together and give each other big squeezes for me.

  3. Love the braids and the magnificent sign. Thank you for the wonderful greeting!

  4. So glad they made it back from Seoul. I know they will be missed!

  5. I wish I could see all that kinky hair when you UN-braid them!

    So glad your parents are spending some time with you. Enjoy, enjoy enjoy!!!

  6. Nothing like 5 sweet braided Dills as a welcome! Lucky Gromma and Grompa!


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