21 July 2010

Makin' me smirk

Victory is mine today.  We've spent a lot of time here lately which usually means a few sunburns.  All baby dills are banned from applying sunscreen due to some interesting sunburns we've seen and the applicators who promise up and down that they really did put sunscreen on.  Azure is usually the one.  BRIGHT red cheeks regardless of the zinc oxide ointment we slather upon those apples.  My newest recipe for Azure:  two types of rub-on sunscreen and a *s*p*a*r*k*l*y* green visor.  So, number one on my list today of things that make me happy:

01  Azure's fair, freckled, sunburn-less cheeks

Our car mechanic asked me the other day why I have pins and needles stuck in the ceiling next to the visor.  me: Oh, because sometime I sew in the car.  him: They're not holding anything up?  me: No, it's just a handy pincushion.  Laughter.  So, as we're driving [Ryan and I, not the mechanic] Ryan comments on the aesthetically pleasing composition created from the houses on that particular road being built on the bias.

02  That my love knows and uses sewing terms, my terms, to describe architectural details

I have limited drawers in my kitchen.  I have limited everything in my kitchen due to the size.  Two drawers contain my culinary utensils [plus two metal canisters].  One drawer is stuffed to the brim, causing the cook to rummage and possibly get injured searching for the candy thermometer or that julienne apparatus.  My other drawer contains just. my. knives.  Neatly lined up, primed for slicing ease.

03  I love me a honed kitchen knife

I'll admit I'm a sucker for my little Clover.  My newly turned 2-year-old can make me smile more quickly than most things.  Watcha eatin'?  Watcha makin'?  Yook at me, mama!  What's dat?  Being my fifth, you'd think these types of things would be ordinary to me.  But I have appreciated the 2-year-old details of her world with greater joy than any other child.

04  I love how Azure puts the ocean foam in her pockets to treasure forever

What's makin' you smirk today?


  1. I have a recent two year old and she makes me smirk everyday. Mom whatcha doing? She now calls me mom instead of momma, not sure why she changed. I dont konw how a two year old cant make you smirk?
    I really have to commend you on having 5 children and I am sure you hear that a lot. I am pregnant with my second and I am not sure how I am going to do this or how someone is able to go through 5 pregnancies, I marvel.
    Thanks for giving me peaks at your blog life and letting me know if you can still find so much joy in life I can too!

  2. I love your posts like this! Its 230 in the morning here in Hawaii and I can't sleep so that's not making me smirk but I can't wait for my little one to get up and start her day....at the appropriate time of course....so I can smirk about everything she does. Thanks Katy for writing here! You inspire me all the time!

  3. It must be a 2 year old thing.
    Mine turns 2 next week and this evening she made me and hubby smirk. He said he was off to buy some cat food at the shops and a split second later starts babbling in this super-fast manner about EVERYTHING to do with our cat, cat food and going to the shops. We just looked at each other and laughed! It was priceless.
    And my 5 month old will look up at me when I get her up from her cot with her mouth as wide and open as possible - that's how she smiles!
    Love them so much... *happy sigh*


  4. I laughed out loud about Ryan's on the bias comment. Glad you're smirkin'!

  5. my girls having 2 friends over for a sleep over and snooping in all their conversations and play! the house is a disaster and we have company coming to stay with us tomorrow but somehow i'm smiling and calm!

  6. This post is definitely making me smirk today. :)

  7. Building on the bias! Love it! and the foam in the pockets. Needles in the visor. YOUR POST is making me smirk today!

  8. My four year old's insistence on french toast for breakfast, my almost two year old's "ook mom" at everything, and how she must fall asleep with a book in her hand.

  9. my brothers 9 and just makes me smirk all the time!- he walks into my room, looks around and leaves!- I'll tell ya boys are strange things, very foreign to me!

  10. Two-year-olds are my FAVE. Last night Asher told me his 'baby was getting big' and Soren asked me to 'feel his baby kick.' Two nights ago Asher had us all laughing when he folded his arms and started to make fun of the baby signing time song! We haven't watched any BST in over a year so it was THAT funny to hear him recall it and make fun of it.

  11. I took my one year old daughter blueberry picking today and she picked and ate and picked and ate. There is no telling how many she consumed while I filled my bucket. Eventually, the poor little girl just sat down, looked at me and signed "all done." She's always making me smile.


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