05 July 2010

Our Fourth: Bikes and Beach

Watermelon seed spitting contest:  I did not win, but I was not last

Patriotic beyond duty

Can't get enough of this mug

Grand finale:  Fireworks, friends, family, glowing accessories, and pop-pop


  1. looks like a lovely day together- envious of your beach life!
    i love Clover's sweet ensemble and think she is your little miniature. She looks so much like you! They are all beautiful:O)

  2. oh I am missing that beach already!!

  3. We need to come see you before your girls are all grown up! See you in 17 days.

  4. Your family is beautiful! Your pictures always bring a smile to my face!

    Happy 4th of July!

  5. Rad lifeguard head.

    Do you ever just sit back and contemplate how lovely your family is? I am sure you do. You seem like the kind of person who has an endless supply of gratitude and awareness. Thank you for sharing your sweet family with us. And I still love your floors too. ;)

  6. What a fun forth of July at the beach. Great photos as always. :)

  7. as always, these pictures brought a few smiles on my face! they all speak of love, respect and fun (and cute outfits!) and they soooo make me want to live closer to the beach ;-))

  8. All the beautiful images, and fun words, but I came away with something that hit me like a freight train Katy. The phrase

    "I did not win, but I was not last."

    Ever have someone just say something offhandedly that really spoke to you and that you obviously needed to hear. Yeah, thats it.

    Thanks for that. Xoxo

  9. What extraordinary photos. In the years to come, I'm sure that each of your little darlings is going to cherish her own shot and those of her sisters. The love comes shining through every picture of them. God bless your little family -- have a wonderful summer!
    at dolcecapecod dot blogspot.com

  10. Avery has Clover's dress. So cute.


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