04 June 2010

Winner and Sad News and Teaser

After I took out the repeat comments ahem mom, here is the winner!

Liz, it is your turn to win one of my beaded bracelets!

Sad News:  the fabric I used for Divine's leggings [post below] came ruffled and it's from, yes, you guessed it, Korea.  Ever since going last Fall, I've seen it all over the place in clothing stores and on people.  So sorry!  But I'm still on the lookout for a source.  Maybe I'll do a giveaway for some ruffled leggings...

And for the teaser, I have a tutorial in the works.  I think I'll have it up by Monday.  Cross your monkey toes.
And have a weekend full of rolling in the grass, over-night waffles, and giggles from littles being chased by arm scissors.


  1. I've seen some ruffled knit at Hob Lob recently. The ruffles were bigger, but it would probably work.

  2. hooray! i told you. but what if i can't pick one?? you want to choose for me?

  3. Good to know about the ruffled knit. And I am totally jealous of lucky Liz!

  4. @ Emilee--thanks for the tip. I'll have to go check it out!

  5. I have made skirts in white and pink. Here is the link. It sells out quickly but it usually comes in pink, white, blue and a fabulous black and white stripe.

  6. That is just the cutest outfit ever and I totally agree with the bloomers being beyond fantastic!

  7. I guess I should read your blog more carefully--I just got on to ask you how you ruffled the bloomers, only to see that you'd answered already & I'd missed it last time I was on. Bummer. Tell Divine that her design is fabulous. Divine, even.


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