17 May 2010

Wind-blown hair or Our Weekend in Photos

Isn't it amazing how sand can entertain kids far longer than any toy?

Did it throw you off that I switched Olive and Azure?  Keepin' you on your toes.

Then, today:

and you can frequently find this girl like this even without a major thunderstorm:
that is when she's not creating mischief, of course.  Priorities, right?


  1. Can't wait to hug everyone of those cuties!

  2. The sand entertains me too, for hours.

    Beautiful girls!

  3. awww, they're especially adorable, i love the sand pic of clover, she looks so fascinated! and i am in love with that gorgeous chair!

  4. your girls are just gorgeous! Mine love sand as well. Endless entertainment!

  5. I LOVE both pictures of Clover!


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