27 May 2010

Sewing Soiree Summation

Another Sewing Soiree has come and gone already.  Projects worked on:
a quilt, a baby blanket, girl's camp capes, refashioning a swimsuit and swimsuit cover-up, shirt embellishment, and chair reupholstering.  Progress was made on all.

Are those the cutest skinny jeans you've ever seen?!

She slept through most of the evening and let her momma start on an adorable bird blanket. [I introduced wonder under to Amanda for her appliqued blanket--we'll talk more about it later.]

How do you build a fire without wood?

Some of the evening's beverage choice

Julie came with a shirt she made, but thought it too plain.  "I'm so over it," she said.  We discussed the options and decided on this one:

two differing layers of bias, ruffled in a zig-zag pattern with a ruffled narrow ribbon added to give it just the right touch.  We decided she could find a shirt just like this at Anthropologie for $79.  Want a shirt embellished?  Come on over!

Ticking and German cookies.  A great combo.

I always smoke up my walls.  Sheesh.
Thanks to all who came!
[and thank you to my babysitter and thank you to my love for having a business trip.]
I always love to see what you're working on.
Next time we're going to have a specific project.
Start submitting ideas of what you'd like to learn.
I'll take photos of each step for those unable to attend.


  1. Those skinny jeans are shut-your-face cute.
    I love your green counter and your notebook-lookin' cheese board.
    Is it weird that I use your photos as a sort of inspiration board?

  2. Hi Katy, thanks so much for letting me know about your Nikon....someday I'd like to upgrade and I'm researching now! Also...I don't know how to sew a lick, but I enjoy seeing your projects...and I think that is some fine-looking brie in one of the pictures?:)

  3. Looks like fun! Love those jeans...and our walls always get smokey too; glad I'm not alone.
    I love your floors. What kind are they?

  4. The Orange Creme soda looks intriguing

  5. I'm Julie's sister and yes, I do want a shirt embellished. :) I'll be in town in August... see you then!

  6. What a perfect sewing atmosphere...well, what a perfect anything atmosphere!

  7. Wow! how much fun to have a soiree full of women who love to sew such neat things! Totally jealous and inspired. All at the same time.

  8. I was so excited when I got your email about another sewing soiree, and SOOOOOO SAD when I realized I couldn't be there. It looks like it was awesome (as usual). Can't wait for the next one, I will definitely be there!

  9. wonder under is WONDERful!!


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