27 May 2010

Come with me to the beach

I spent the morning at the beach with my five mini dills.  Ryan comes home tonight. Yeah!
I always love this shot of them running toward the beach  [though it seems someone usually trips].  Today they all made it without any splinters or scrapes.  Off to a good great start.

I could post a million photos of this kid.  She's suddenly decided that throwing tantrums which include arching her strong little body and grabbing anything she can with those sweaty [always sweaty] paws of hers.  But then she gives you looks like this and, well, you know, just look at her!

It was a perfect take-as-many-photos-as-you-can sort of overcast kind of day.  Pearl, my go-to child photographer, took this to prove I am actually part of their daily life.  I'm not sure if one arm is stronger than the other or if it is her signature to always tilt the camera.

 You've heard of moon boots....how about beach boots?  Sandman meets ABBA?

Again with that face.

I was snappity snapping that shutter as fast as I could, and suddenly all 5 were in cahoots to ignore the photographer.  None of this, "Mommy, take a picture of my rock!"   

So I turned my attention to the other beach goers of the day.  Like this woman who arrived, walked 27 paces, and then looked up to determine exactly where the sun was situated, and proceeded to situate herself, beverage in hand.

Or the surfers. The poor surfers. Trying, always trying to find the best spot with the biggest waves.  I've never seen big waves here.  Then they get out into the water and wait and wait and wait.  Meanwhile, those of us on boogie boards have taken a dozen waves in, squealing with glee.  I guess surfers don't squeal.  Is that what differentiates us?

This surfer looks misplaced.  I think he's on his way to the other coast.

When the people got scarce, I began looking around.  I like the bits of....stuff hanging? growing? drying?  I don't know, I didn't venture over to pull it off and inspect.

And that woman who painstakingly chose the right angle and location?  She vanished.

This old couple was already on the scene when we arrived.  I loved their colorful umbrella and their lack of need to chat.  Do you wonder what you will be like when you're their age?  I do.  I hope I'm not crabby.  I'm trying to get all my crabbiness out now so I can be pleasant with a grin on my face, always.  Even in my sleep.

Since we were behind them, they didn't mind me taking photos of them.

This one is my favorite.

The end.


  1. I'll come, i love the beach! is it me or is Clover looking more and more like Pearl every day?!

  2. What a fun day! I love people-watching too... it's so interesting! BTW, where did you get that fabulous hat?

  3. loved your beach observances

  4. I absolutely adore your hat! Would you mind telling me where you got it? It is so sweet!

  5. I sure wish that Max and I could join you and girls for a beach jaunt. We love going up here even though it's crowded, stinky and the waves are tiny. I think we need to come visit you, what do you think?

  6. What wonderful photos!

    Crafting by Candlelight

  7. so beautiful ♥!
    Elena, the spanish one

  8. The hat was a Mother's Day gift from Ryan--he got it at Urban Outfitters.

  9. smart man, that husband of yours.

    (i love that last one too.)

  10. great post Katy.
    great people-watching.
    great photo editing.
    LOVED this!

  11. I have such a crush on your BLOG. I love the way your love for life shows through your photography and through your beautiful family.

  12. LOVE your pictures.Im always soooo scared to take my camera to the beach with all the sand so i always just use one of my girls..but seeing yours Im def taking it next time:) Im such a people watcher too!! My camera girl has a slight angle to her pictures too..hehe!!

  13. We were at the beach on Saturday, on the other coast. I pretty much just clicked pictures the entire time too. Your girls are all so beautiful. I could just stare at that last picture of Clover...so sinkin' cute!


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