10 May 2010

Love My Dremel

So, I'm getting lots of questions about my Dremel [another lovely surprise from Ryan when I mentioned I needed a dremel for a project].  So glad you are interested in dremelling.  We have my dad to thank.  He made his first lamp [similar to the one below] entirely with an electric drill, you know, when my mom mentioned they needed a lamp [can you imagine carving with a drill?].  I'll make you one, was his reponse.  And he did.  He has since upgraded to using a dremel.

This is the lamp of his I have to keep me company for my evening projects and reading.  Her name is Aunt Bee.  My dad loves a good play on words.

  Anyway, back to the dremel.  This is what I use.  It is a rotary dremel, not just oscillating.  
I've since thrown the packaging away for the tip I most frequently use for wood, but here is a close-up shot.  You can, of course, get many different sizes, depending how thick of a script you are going for.
I'm by no means an expert, but hopefully this might help you dive into your own dremel diversions.

Beehive do.

Quilting Bee.
Clever, eh?
I use her mini quilt as a make-do pin cushion on occasion, though this doesn't please Ryan when he goes to turn off the light and ends up with porcupine pricks.


  1. I love our Dremel, too! It comes in handy on all sorts of projects. I didn't realize that's how you do the script. I might venture to try...

  2. Congrats on your dremel gift!


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